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Word of the Week – 28 Feb 2014

I am thinking really of what my word of the week is.

It was busy I know and frustrating money wise as always.  So many things going on inside and outside me. This shows, my stress. I cant hide it sometimes. I would have gone berserk already if not for my son. He has asked me every time I am sad if I am sad. I am surprise because I don't cry in front of him. I would like to think that I can hide my sadness to him, that I am hiding my sadness. But he knows and he would ask.  Then if I say yes he would hug me and tell me that everything will be okay. He is 3.

In my country we have this word

It means comforting or consolation. That it what my son is doing, comforting me when I needed it the most. It is uncalled for because he is young and he is suppose to be free from emotions that's this serious and yet he can feel my pain and he empathize and he is comforting me.

I am embarrass to be sad in front of him because I don't want him to be sad as well. I have to be vigilant of my emotions in front of him because I don't want to drag him down but I am so happy that he pays attention to how I feel other people feel.

I am the one who is suppose to be comforting him. The reversal of position in my family came in too early =P

So proud of my toddler.

ps. the drawing is by him. that is us walking together according to him =)


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