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High Street Christmas Decors

Lots of times I am so clueless on whats going on where I live. I usually just stay home as I am scared to go out and be like another crime suspect. I am in hiding. Its a surprise one day after school to see that our high street. Few steps away from my house has Christmas Decor already. It is a but simple and yet I love the lights. When you go and see it a bit darker its like cascading water at night sky.

See if you can spot my kid in there. Posing not with the Christmas decor but the signs in the lamp post actually =P

Here he is! With his cookies! Telling me that the CCTV camera is in operation in this area.

We went deeper into our high street and found the trees with Christmas / Fairy lights on. Again its better to view this of course at night.

The town's Christmas Tree. A bit bare during the afternoon but pretty at night.

And when we got too cold we went in the stores and well another photo op with a sign!

We are going to try to take photos of these decors during the night. But this is how it is in the afternoon during our school run. Dark enough for the lights to be turned on but not dark enough for us to see its real beauty (yet).


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School Run Things

I am so amaze on how my son can see wonderful things that I would have otherwise miss. As a mother I am always thinking of schedule that we need to follow and my eyes are on that goal (to go home after school run, to do chores and for my son to rest after a long and tiring day in school). Its like I have blinders so nothing can distract me from those goals.

But there are so many small things that are beautiful that you can only see if you would just stop and try to find them. Like this 2 furby toys that are just sunbathing in the seafront. Who would have thought that they travelled far from their house to see the view and bask on the sun. My son is the one who found them. And we have created so many stories as to why they are there. Who brought them (did they really walk?) and how are they gonna go home.

About 100meters away from home he looked up and saw an arrow pointing back at the sea. When I looked up I am so in awe of how yes there is really an arrow shaped cloud in the sky!

And few meters away from our house is this store that sells Christmassy things. He loves that Penguin. He suddenly have a fascination with them because of this mall trip.

Simple things right up your (mine) noses but beautiful ones that you will not see if you will not stop. Children's eyes, they have this magic in them that sees this wonderful details that the world brings.

Our school run walk is never dull and gray.

School Run ColoursCountry Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Fireworks Night At The Beach

We are lucky to live where we live as the events are just outside our front door. Like the fireworks display at the Grand Pier here. An annual event which is attended by a lot of people here in Weston-Super-Mare.

Last year I told myself that we are going to start traditions for my young family. We have started a lot and this year is our chance to really cement these events as a tradition. Same time last year we attended this same event and I blogged about it here. So many things had happened and my son has grown into a little boy who can now speak.  I can only imagine the developments that I am going to write about next year that we attend this same event again. I am so looking forward to that!

Here are the photos that I took! Sorry if a lot are blurry! I am so lost with using the cams at night.


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Glimmer of Hope


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Book Love

We went to collect a book from Waterstones in Bristol for my son. Traffic is SO SO bad. I think a lot of people are already doing their Christmas shopping so all of the parking in the area are full. We went round and round but was not lucky to get any space. We got off of the car to go to the bookstore while son's Dad ventured farther to look for parking.

Its so easy to collect the book. We stayed a bit inside the bookstore but my son want to read his book already so we went out to look for a bench for him to read his phonics. Luckily we found this park! We have been going in this area so many times and yet I didnt know this park is in here! Amazing how we can always discover new places everytime even if we have been here so many times already!

The park has (ruins)church called St. Peter. It is locked so we cant see the interior but looking at it from the outside it looks interesting! My son took his book out and he started reading it. After reading and asked if I can take photos of the park and he said yes but he wont let me the book safe in the bag!

He is just holding it and singing the lyrics of the phonics songs in there while walking around the park.

The Church bears the name of the Civilians and Personnel who died when there was an air raid in the area during 1940-1944. What an amazing history!

As it was raining before we head out we have a wellies with us. It did not rain. But theres a fountain to use the wellies!

Few meters away from where my son is playing is this!

An ice rink that we want to try but a bit pricey for our budget. When we got back in the car he asked for his new book right up and we read it out loud while singing the songs. Before we knew it we are at home. Time flies!

Video of that day created by my cellphone


I am so happy that my son is slowly loving books and reading. Before his love for books is limited to when the book has got traffic signs and/or cars in it.
But now he is interested in different books. And its a bonus that he can read them now by himself. This is something that I am so proud of. Seeing a child reading a book is an ordinary sight but looking at them deeper, this activity is pretty amazing. Something is happening to their brain, their mind. Books for me is a trigger for them to learn, understand and imagine just as it is to me before. And maybe cope. Books saved me before at a very young age. When my father is drunk at night I would curl up with a book. And I can escape from the room where there is someone shouting outside to a place where there are dragons and unicorns. And where beasts and villains never ever win.


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A (Super) Rainy Carnival Parade

I have missed this event. Not only am I wallowing during this times its also too cold for me and too wet. But son and his Dad went to watch the Carnival and this is what happened.


I am so sorry for the blurry photo. But it was really pouring so everything is hazy. Hats off to the event organizers and performers for being so professional and going ahead with the event even when the weather is not cooperative. I can only imagine how cold and damp it is and yet everyone still have their happy faces on while dancing on their respective floats!

Hats off to all of you!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Half Term Week

This is the most treasured half term for us yet! Well its technically our first half term and I found out its value when we started school.

We did a lot anf tried to squeezed so much. But nothing so grand as we dont want to tire our little boy that much.
We started Monday with a trip to the the Mall. We are looking for shoes for Daddy! And as a prize for being patient while Husbaand is shoe shopping is his fave donut!

Tuesday was spent at home and when Dday arrived we just drove around and stopped when we saw this sign thats a good fit to my son's height. Now if you are a regular reader of the blog you will know that my son is traffic sign obsessed! So he loves this sign very much! Wont let go.

Spent Wednesday and Thursday just seeing teh sights around us. The high street is nice as its got Halloween Decorations!

Friday is Halloween but we went to stores cuz my son's feet are aching. So we went to ride the train and went to the mall again! Turned out his shoes are now smaller and husband's wallet is sad cuz kid's shoes more expensive than his =P

Saturday was spent with the owls! We are just returning a book when we found out a great event in the library! Owls! And face painting and food!

Sunday was spent in Bristol! Enjoyed their library and short walk in the harbourside!

We are going back to school tomorrow so we are making the most of our few free hours!


A Walk In A Park

The wind is starting to pound on us. Getting cold where we are and a jacket is now a must on our late walks (though surprisingly my son can still go without jacket in the last few days! Amazing I know.) I asked my husband and son if I can go and take photos of a park. Its been awhile since I used the camera and I missed using it. I told them that they can stay home if they want. They dont want to stay home of course and would want to go with me. While I am snapping away they are also snapping using the cellphone. When I am done with taking photographs of the park garden (which you can find here), I took photos of my boyz together.

My son of course requested me to photograph some signs. I gladly obliged.

Its a productive weekend for us!


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Outside The Mall

We are having so many indoor activity lately. Not because we are hiding from the weather but mainly because we are trying to make my son eat lunch in school by going to places that has the same set up as his. We went here for a resto and before heading in we found them cute little massive statues! I dont know if you are allowed to climb them but my son did!

My son loves statues and I think that if he can bring this home he will =P

They are made of plaster of paris me thinks. Amazing detail on this cuties!

And my husband really have to drag him out of the statue!


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

School Run With A Scarecrow

Being it a Friday, uniforms will be washed and my son had a rough week (because of me), I decided that a walk in the beach and not just the prom is needed to revive us both! It is starting to get cold now and yet walks in the prom and the beach is still berable with thick jackets.

When we arrive we notice a demolition works is in progress. Suddenly the beach is wider and I realized that they torn down the sandsculpture already! Some of the statues are still there. I dragged my son to go and explore the remaining sculptures and I got a 'But Mum it said Keep Out'.

I promised him that we would walk faraway from the pile of wood as they are a bit sharp and he happily walked with me to the beach while eating his snack. There are some mother child playing in there already. The sand is a bit hard but not impossible to break. We helped the demolition people!

It so much fun to walk in there! Like we are walking in ruins full of broken statues! We werent able to see this guys standing up as the entrance fee was a bit steep four our budget so we are making the most of what we can play with here.

This broken Lion is a nice bench to eat your snack!

The sunny weather made the walk in the beach more bearable too!

And after eating his snack my son decided that there are too much crows and the beach needs a scarecrow! Dont know if its effective though as there is one few meters away from here in that photo!

Last part of our school run is this fountain! I have never seen it with the water this clear and if not for the weather I would have let my son play in there. So we just threw a pence and made some wishes.

Really a lovely afternoon. Made me appreciate the place where we live. This is a bad week for us but everything seems better after this walk.


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Best Friends Forever

I thought that my son is adjusting well in his new big school. He is always happy and smiling every time I pick him up and always happy on our walks to school. This morning though some hints are dropped unintentionally of course that he is missing his friends and teachers in preschool. He saw his album from his old school and he started asking if he can go back to his old preschool. I just shrugged it off thinking he was just reminded of them cuz of the notes. His new school in near his old preschool and I told him that I saw his friends from there. He literally run when I told him that we can probably still catch them if we walk fast. We did see them and he is really happy. There is a bit of a distance with them (him and his classmate) already but I think thats its just the environment being the sidewalk. Given a chance for them to meet in say a playground they would probably go back into their close selves. They are both tired too of course.

We then went to another place and his friend and mom proceed to theirs and my son started crying saying he wants to follow them. I pacified him by telling him that we will text his friend's mom. So we went home and we texted them and he is telling me to text them for a meet up. I just texted them saying my son misses their daughter. When I told my son that they cant meet us up he started crying non stop. Saying how he is not happy.

Took me while to make him stop crying.

When his father came home fromwork we decided to bring him to the playground to console him. My heart is breaking that my son experience cant be with his friends (as classmates) anymore. They will move on and he needs to move on as well. But he is a kid and I dont know how to explain that. What I can do is to be with him while he is mending his young broken heart.

Here are our photos of our trip earlier. Nice weather to be out. Still warm and yet the colors are staring to change.

Him excited to go to the playground.

Daddy helping him in the circular swing as he is dizzyish

Son wibbling wabbling cuz of that ride.

Zip line is more fun when you have someone to share it with!

Me climbing the rope mountain and taking some photos while on the top! Cuz why let the boys have all the fun!?

I just love his color against this equipment

Son and I sharing the swirly swing!

Us walking back to the car.

**Apologies for the dark photos as it was taken early in the evening.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall