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Its going to be Pancakes Day ain't it? I can see the ingredients being displayed in supermarkets.  I LOVE IT! The attention that people are giving pancakes. Cuz pancakes' dear to me. Its full of happy burpy memories.

I really love cooking pancakes for my cousin in my home country Manila. There are these ready mix ones where you just add egg and fry. And then add sugar, mantekilya (margarine) and evap milk.

I have lots of minions small cousins and they stay at our house and I feed them hotcakes/pancakes! Sometimes we go outside and buy from friendly karinderia (a local street food store) and you eat the thin pancakes while watching other kids play cuz its dining al fresco (kalsada, mwahaha) or go to McDo in the mornings and drown your pancakes in their endless supply of maple syrup!!!! YUMMEH!
Manila 013
My cousins with my husband /\

And I miss them dearly. They keep me sane and company when I am sad in Manila. Being with them keeps me young. Their energy is infectious. Now that I am here alone I take comfort in remembering their toyo (quirks) while enjoying my pancakes.

That's prolly why I am gaining weight =P

And here is the pancake that I made earlier. So yummy believe me! Sinful even! Sweet, salty and spicy in one meal!!! Like fireworks in your mouth!
I just added fried chorizo (plus its glorious oil) on top of ready made pancakes and added butter and maple syrup and OMG ITS SO GOOD!

Of course I still do the nakasanayan na (my usual) conconction of sugar, butter and evaporated milk!
I still eat this in the morning, use evap in spite of the maple syrup in the fridge just because!

And because my cousins are all far from me *sadness* and are all grown up (so they probably wont ask me cook them pancakes anymore *double sadness*) now, I have recruited a new member in my pancakes eating club! My toddler son!
bean eating pancakes
We are going to make new traditions out of it and are going to make memories that I will remember in the future when my toddler will be a grown-up too *sniff.sniff* and wont probably ask for me to prepare him pancakes anymore because he will prepare it for me. Yey!



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