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Whiteboard Doodles

He was as always doodling!

Was able to captured one of his whiteboard doodling session here.

I gave him a bit of space and he called me afterwards and asked me to take photos of his work.

Amd he told me the story behind it. The person on the left is me, Mummy. The person in the middle is my son, Sebastian and the one of the right is Daddy. We are shopping and those reactangles above us are automatic doors with their respective writing on it. You can use the one going in and the other one going out. The drawings bdeside Daddy are shopping malls signs! Stair signs and No entry signs.

We dont usually have our photos together but he always draw us as a family

And as you can see from all the stickers on this whiteboard (& all over the house) that he is still obsessed with traffic signs =)


Mini Creations
Mum of Three World
Ethans Escapades

Chalk Road




When the weather warmed up a bit and more bearable, my son Sebastian started hanging out on our small terrace. Whats nice is that I can be inside the house ironing or doing some blogging and I can still see him on my peripheral vsiion.

The rain in the past days erased tha drawings that made on the terrace floor and he said he want to draw again. He just drew some roads and signs for him to use while he is driving his bike.

While I am writing this I can hear the rain splatering outside again which means tomorrow if its sunny or just warm enough my son had a new canvass for another mini-creations.


Mini Creations

Glass Drawings

He found out that he can draw on the glass using his whiteboard marker. And so he did draw on them glass windows and he was really really happy on the freedom that he had to express himself.



Now the glasswindow is never empty of his drawings. But he is responsible enough to erase them before he drew a new one.
His drawings are getting better and better too. They are more distinguishable and had more variation. Before he will only draw traffic signs. Now he draws Mommy, Daddy and him. And the other people in around him too.

Im so proud.

On the vocabulary side, he is still learning and using a lot of words. He is also learning how to count like when we are looking at the Argos Catalouge earlier I saw a tent and pointed it out to him. And then he said:
Tent, eleven, twelve…

Alphabet wise, He once ask: Mummy S is for?
Me: Stop?
Him: No Mummy Skype.
Me: Oh okay.
him: Mummy F is for?
Me: Four?
Him: No Mummy F is for Facebook *frustrated*!

I got the theme. Its the iPad apps icons! I was waiting for him to ask what letter T is for but he left already =P
JUst so you know T is for Twitter!

Oh well =P

Wot So Funee?