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Half term should be the time for the little one to enjoy the outside world right. Which is sad as my son is sick since Wednesday. SInce we are just inside the house and I think he is beginning to feel cabin fever he asked his Dad if we can go out even for a few minutes. Even if my husband needs to work he gave in as my son is really really sluggish and he reckon some fresh air and rain would help him recover.

We went to a lake with few ducks. Just us and its so peaceful. He wont go down but I can finally see a wee bit of smile from him which I havent seen the whole day. Amazing what the outdoors could really do. Sadly it started to rain and we need to go home because David my husband needs to go to work. He promised tho that the next day we will go out again for a wee bit longer.

Fast forward to today!

He feels a wee bit better and his perkiness pick up in the afternoon. A bit of Calpol probably helped as well. So when his Dad arrived we went out as promised. We went here to play and so that David can do some geocaching too.

I dont know what happened cuz he suddenly just went from gloomy to sunny! He saw the playground and suddenly the fever is gone! And he is climbing those ropes like a pro. Husband did a bit of geocaching while we stayed in the playground for some more playtime. Sadly he didnt find the item he is looking for which is in away nice cuz then we need to go back soon!

Amazing what outdoors can do to a kid. He is still sick when we went home but not as much as the last days and I am thankful for that. Hopefully we will get to enjoy whats left of the half term. We dont have plans but I know we will go out again. Because who needs nature heals!

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