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Tshirt Optional

The weather has really picked up. It is really really hot lately in here and testosterone is just so obvious! My house has got 2 guys and tshirt is becoming optional!Our messy terrace has become a home gym too for both of them who loves to jump around =)

Ladies and gentlemen my 2 boys doing what they do best in the house, goofing of:

Family Photo Friday @ Thursday's Child, Friday's Thoughts


One of the thing that I am most thankful for always is the relationship of my son to his father.  I never had this relationship and I am in awe of how my husband gives our son his attention.  They are always happy to have each other and I am always happy to record these events.

Like when its too hot in the house and they did this in the terrace =)

They also share their passion for Lego.

And he doesn't want Daddy to go to his second job a lot of times! So he held him hostage with (what else?) Lego!

Our house is simple, we are always struggling financially but I am .. happy to say that its a happy home cuz of this 2 wacky boys in my life. All over my blog you can find photos, stories and scenes of how much fun these 2 always have. I am so proud of their father and son relationship and I could not ask for more.


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Family Photo Friday @ Thursday's Child, Friday's Thoughts

Garden Day Out

We are all feeling sluggish but we don't want to stay home and well be more sluggish and yet we don't want to go far to be too tired so we went to places that nice near us.

I don't know why hubby chose this cemetery but he did. We walked and walked and there's nothing but stillness (of course). A nice place to reflect but not a nice place to bring a child who wants to play.

So we went to a Garden almost near our house where there is always something new to discover. Like that new pond that we just found hidden in some lush landscape. He loves to look at those rocks. He almost look so mature while concentrating on them. He then played house in the garden saying one part is his room and the other parts the kitchen, living and toilet! He also peed in there somewhere I am not going to tell (or show the photos =P). But when he wants to do number 2, he and Daddy went to a bar near this garden. When they came back he seemed tired so he just sat on the bench and just looked at the signs (still his obsession) and the view of the sea. When he started lying down on the bench that's (always) our cue to go home and so he went on Daddy's shoulder and off to home we go.


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Family Photo Friday @ Thursday's Child, Friday's Thoughts