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First Dentist Visit

He was clingy today when he woke up. He doesnt want Daddy and would say I want my Mummy.

Then and there I knew something is wrong. No fever but he is sluggish. Today is also the first time that we would go and have his teeth checked. Before he would have schedule but he wont even bother to sit on the dentist chair. But brushing his teeth few weeks ago I saw a cavity and I mean business today.

Its a long walk so we head of early. And he is not his usual happy self. This is when I was thinking can he handle the dentist?

We arrived there and he is okay. Excitedly waiting for his name to be called.

When he was called he was scared but he would follow every orders and direction. He just sat on the chair. Lied down. Didnt get scared or cried when the chair went up. Opened his mouth. And then he just waited there for some more instruction! I am so proud. I am stressed all morning thinking he will throw massive tantrum cuz he doesn't feel better but here he is so matured about everything.

Even when the doctor applied those filling for his cavity. He just sat there. You can tell that he doesn't like the taste of the filling but he is not complaining.

I hugged him really tight and told him that I am so pleased & proud and I think he is proud of himself too.

Technically his first dentist visit and a successful one at that!

I am so proud of you my Sebastian =)


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