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Grove Park After The Rain

Monday was really rainy and we stayed inside the house the whole day. By night time the sky cleared and its our sign to go out. Everything is so fresh and the smell is just amazing. We went to the park near our house again and it is nice that theres not much people in there. Plus the cafe is close so I can go near the garden that is usually for tables and chairs.

It is nice that a lot of the flowers are still in bloom.  Nicer that they have after rain drops. Been awhile since I last did this. Taking photos of plants. I got really really lost again in the middle of the flower beds and its just so amazing to be back in taking photos of them. Didn't take a lot of photos as its starting to go dark when we got there but I got enough to have an entry for this week's How Does Your Garden Grow and I am so glad that I can link up again.

Its not all fresh though as some of the flowers are already damage. It might be the changes in the weather or sign of the coming season too. What ever it is, it just mean that the plants is not going to be this pretty forever and I am glad that I got this moment to experience them in this state. I cant wait to see the changes that it going to happen to them soon though. I have to confess that I have been staying in this country for 4 years and yet this is the only time that I have the chance to see the season's effect on them closely.



*Used Nokia Lumia 1020 that was lended to me for #ConnectsTrial

Lazy Afternoon in Grove Park

Its been 2 weeks since I last joined this linky and I miss it dearly. I missed because I had some eye problem. The photos I am posting now is not okay as I am still adjusting to my glasses. Some time when I am in a ledge I dont know how high I am really as I feel I am really high but when I would jump I am really just a few inches off the ground. Still adjusting I am telling you.

Me and my son goes out every afternoon. If not he wont sleep on time. So for a change I skipped the beach and went to a park and let him play. Timed though as I requested him if I can take photos of flowers and plants. Surprisingly he said okay and when I told him we need to go I didn't get any complaints from him at all. What is happening to my son? Maturing. I am so proud of him today I gave him a wee bit of chocolate. The park is empty as everyone is on the beach sunbathing. There are few families and people who are siting on a bench reading books. I made a mental note of doing this when husband and son would attend a party this Saturday weather permits.

My son is awfully supportive the whole time I took photos. Not going far from me and giving me dandelions every time he sees one. He knows I like them. He would also tell me where there's awesome flowers are. Or would kneel with me to see the flowers closely.

It was a fine afternoon. I miss doing it and my son probably felt it too. The park is still beaming with flowers! They are well taken care of and I love the mix of colors. Yellows, reds and violets are every where! There's also a soft breeze that sways the plants lazily. We sat on the bench to watch this happening.

Again I apologize for the photo quality. I hope I gave these flowers' beauty some justice as they are really pretty in real life =)



Better Photo Project

It rained last all day and night. After walking my son to school I went the church near his school and took some photos.
I have been dreaming of taking photos of things while are wet. I think you can never fake a real rain on plants and flowers
(cuz I tried and it looks sprayed =P)

I was worried of the light as the cloud is really dark and its gloomy. I am really not familiar with the camera's technical details yet as I didnt know that low lights not that bad with this photo series. The brightness are okay (at least I think they look okay).

Here are the photos that I took. I hope you like them. I quite enjoy taking them.







Love All Blogs Better Photos Project

Shine the Divine

My Mother’s Eyes

If you have notice that my layout is ever so simple. Pictures are just stack together. I would sometimes use collage but i made sure that my son's photo is at the middle, big & glaring even. Also in here at How Does Your Garden Grow. I would post massive amount of pictures and would just stack them. I am wishing that the other visitors wont mind.

The reason for this is my mother. She is my main reader lately. She doesnt know how to use my sister's netbook but she does know (me thinks) how to scroll up and down. I want my layout to be super friendly for her as she's got poor eyesight. Sadly poor is an understatement (there goes my tears). This blog no matter how much it is about her, she wont read the words. She cant read the words. She will only look at the photos. She cant see it words this small anymore. When we would skype with her, her face is so near the netbook that me and my son feels that we are talking to her forehead.

Macro shots are a blessing to her as its makes her see the details of the flower wee bit better. I am working hard on being better on that even if I know that I am old now and you cant teach old dogs new trick but myabe this dog can still learn a thing or 2.

I am trying my best to connect. Even if I dont have any comment from her I know that she enjoys my blog because I blog about her most fave thing in the whole wide world: my son and flowers.

I have this dream of buying her a decent laptop with a massive monitor. I cant of course buy her one as we are struggling in here. But it is a dream.

Saying that I am now posting photos of flowers and plants that I took at a park near here. Everytime I take photos she is always in my head. This is for her more than me. I can't give her laptops, money and great house but I can give her photos of blooms that we use to dream of having, planting when I am still at home as a kid. The pictures that I am taking are not the most pretty but these are the pictures of the flowers that we use to dream about. Vivid red and yellows, deep violets, beds of whites, touch of maroon and fields of green.  My gift to my mother's eyes… burst of colors.




Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?

Infectious Love

Firstly I would like to apologized for the subject. I am really out of it. Last time's subject title is wet and dry go figure.
I called this infectious as I think that my obsession of taking photos of blooms brushed of to husband. He would now randomly say 'oh look at that flower that would look nice in the blog'

So most of the photos in here today is by the hubby.

Most of the time I am (or husband) is/are just taking photos of random gardens. But today the photos are from my Mother-In-Laws' garden. I have been asking permission to get photos of her graden but she is shy. Husband told her that we are just getting photos of the plants and she finally said yes.

We lived in her house for awhile when I arrived here in the UK and her garden is the place where my son first snap his first flower. Sebastian loves the random daisies that grows in there.

While husband is tinkering on his cams, MIL is taking care of our son. Life is grand in her garden =P

I dont know any of the plants below but believe me they are really really pretty in person.













Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?

Better Photo Project









This is just some stuff we saw on our way to the supermarket. Sorry nothing precious but i love the yellows flowers with white tints on their petals. In the photo they looks so brightly lit but its just really the white parts =)

I also love this graffiti on the wall. The guys on the raft is so small and yet when you look close its very very detailed!
I wish I can see how they are made but its graffiti. Probably done at night and when theres nowould be audience.

Love All Blogs Better Photos Project