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Fireworks Display by the Sea

Im sorry if im bugging you guys with bad essays.. I am.. well I stopped blogging a few years and going back seems weird and there’s really nothing thats happening in my life as a mum here.

As my son and I are alone (except for this week as Hubby went on a holiday.. staycation =P) I try to attend all the playgroups that are happening near here to expose my son to other kids. He is an only son and he seemed to be a bit of a loner. I reckon if I make him expose to other kids he will not be a loner anymore. I am wrong tho =P he still plays alone but hopefully he will play with kids soon. I have to admit that I stopped attending few ones where you need to pay 1pound (wow I just realized I dont have pound sign in my key!) as that’s like a day’s worth of electricity already. Precious =P

I also like attend events at night so that my son will be expose to crowds. Like earlier we went out to see fireworks display by the sea. Its uber cold and im trembling but its ok. The fireworks are by the Local Grand pier and twas awesome! We are close to the fireworks and it looks like its going to fall on us… like when you watch 3D!

It took a bit long that my son got use to its grandness and he started just wanting to play in the sand. When its done I felt happy again and warm inside… Events like this is really nice …. I think well make this a fam tradition…. so see you again next year fireworks.

Thank you Grand Pier

Goodnight Weston-Super-Mare.. Its nice to be living here.