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High Street Christmas Decors

Lots of times I am so clueless on whats going on where I live. I usually just stay home as I am scared to go out and be like another crime suspect. I am in hiding. Its a surprise one day after school to see that our high street. Few steps away from my house has Christmas Decor already. It is a but simple and yet I love the lights. When you go and see it a bit darker its like cascading water at night sky.

See if you can spot my kid in there. Posing not with the Christmas decor but the signs in the lamp post actually =P

Here he is! With his cookies! Telling me that the CCTV camera is in operation in this area.

We went deeper into our high street and found the trees with Christmas / Fairy lights on. Again its better to view this of course at night.

The town's Christmas Tree. A bit bare during the afternoon but pretty at night.

And when we got too cold we went in the stores and well another photo op with a sign!

We are going to try to take photos of these decors during the night. But this is how it is in the afternoon during our school run. Dark enough for the lights to be turned on but not dark enough for us to see its real beauty (yet).


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What We Saw In The High Street

He skipped school because he was sluggish last Monday. I actually thought that he is going to get chicken pox. Thankgod he isn't. He is a bit okay in the afternoon already and I reckon he needs a bit of outside fresh air. So we went on a journey outside. He asked if he can keep the ipod touch. And then I just started hearing click.click. He is using the gadgets camera and he took pictures of his favorite thing in the whole wide earth at the moment> TRAFFIC SIGNS and/in the high street.

Here are some of his mini-photography-creations:

It is nice to see what a toddler is seeing. Him taking this pictures gave me a different perspective of this place.

And I cant help but to take pictures of him taking pictures of his signs


I am very happy to see him showing interest in photography at this early age. Its a nice afternoon well spent outside =)

Mini Creations
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