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Lost in translation in HK =P

June 7, 2009 – Arrive at airport. Hello Hong Kong!
– Bought Octopus
– Wait for David (will he likes me? *worried*)
– David Plane has landed *nervous & worried*
– We hugged like we really know each other
– Walked out of the airport
– Bus
– Went down from the bus
– Got lost in the busy sidewalk
– A lady helped and we found put hotel
– Room was small but clean and cozy *wink.wink*
– Cuddle the whole night

June 8, 2009 – Woke up
– Went to the temple picture taking pictures
– Went to Jade market to be mobbed by sellers
– Planned on getting to the Observatory, saw a noodle place, we ate fried noodles, YUMMY!
– Then we walk hand in hand *sweet*
– Went to Observatory – close to public
– Went to Rosary Church
– Went to Museum of History
– Went to Science Museum
– Went to Chunking to exchange money
– Went to Harbour *saw MV Doulos*
– Went to buy ice cream
– Walked to Kowloon Park to see the swimming pool
– Saw good bakery and bought breads.
– David didn’t said he has blister *guilty*
– Rest a bit and met up with Liza’s sister at the hotel lobby.
– Cuddled and I cried cuz I don’t know if ill see David again after this meet.

June 9, 2009 – IKEA!!!!! Bought little clips and plastic utensils
– Went to Flower Market
– Went to Bird Market
– Went to Fish market
– Bought MnM’s chocolate!
– David bought expensive cashew nuts
– Rested at the hotel.
– Cuddle and stuff.
– Bled …. Lost my virginity *blush*
– Went down to buy some food at some resto (chicken and rice and some dumplings)

June 10, 2009 – Woke up late and went to the lobby
– Bought Disney Tickets
– Ate at 7-11
– Disneyland
– Rode rides, watch shows, held hand, kiss
– Went home early to catch lights and sound show
– Were super thirsty!
– Bought water at MTR!!!! Finally!
– Avenue of the stars.
– Lights and sound show while eating cuttle fish thingy
– Walked and went back to MTR
– Got lost inside MTR *blush*
– My fault so I bought David some ice cream
– Went to the flee market below to buy can opener
– Yey! I can finally open my canned tuna!
– We ate.
– We *blush*

June 11, 2009 – It’s raining
– Ocean park trip cancelled
– We just cuddled first
– Bled again *blush* he went deeper
– Its buying souvenirs time
– Bought jade stuff for David’s family
– Went to Wing On Mall
– Went to Some other malls
– Went to church again … saw a maternity street
– Went to Spaghetti House *first formal date*
– Search for donuts – no luck!
– Went to Ocean Mall
– Bought stuff for the kids
– Bought fake donuts (it doesn’t taste the same)
– Went home
– Visit the night markets for some dildos =P
– Looking for cats actually
– Bought noodles …. Yummy!
– Bought red wine… were going to get drunk!

June 12, 2009 – Last day together *sigh*
– went to the jade store but its close
– went to 7-11 and bought water and bread
– went to MTR and then rode a bus
– Ocean Park
– Bought panda ears
– Road a friggin tall high cable car
– STORM!!!!!
– Dolphin show
– Sharks aquarium thingy
– Rain
– Capsule Toys – One piece!
– Rides
– Pandas
– Lost my panda ears – Felt really really bad
– David bought me one again
– Slipped, luckily David’s holding my hand
– Went back
– Sort our stuff
– Rest
– Wing On Mall
– Night market
– Cuddle
– Sort our stuff some more

June 13, 2009 – Woke up early
– sadness
– went to the bus stop
– airport
– David check in
– Eat pancakes – somehow it taste bad… cuz were sad!
– Return octopus
– David left *sniff*
– I walked around like a zombie in the airport
– Checked in Depart
– Goodbye Hong Kong

a very stupid idea

im scared… it ill be my birthday on the 14th….. but i am not scared of that… what im scared of is that i impulsively bought a 2way ticket to HongKong…..

and i dont have money but 3k …. i dont have a place to stay …

and i dont have company…

my flight will be on the 19th & i dont know….

i just want to have my passport marked….

cuz i feel pathetic to have an an unsued passport…

and now my heart is racing fast….

am i going to die of the flight?

am i going to die of hunger at HK????

i can already see myself… alone, homeless, dirty and hungry.

travelling with my big empty suitcase…

im going to get it….

the punishment for being an impulsive person…

please help me….

god are you there…

pls meet me in HK…

pls pretty pls….