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Grove Park Adventure

As I have done so many chores last Sunday I missed seeing Remembrance Day parade and celebrations. I decided to go to Grove Park where there is a monument for the people who fought the war. When I arrived there it is so serene. In the monument, there are poppies and wreath. I stayed to enjoy the ambiance and read some names of the people who died, who gave their life for the future generations. Mumbled 'Thank you' and walked around some more to take photos before I do my school run.

As it rained a lot in the past days, the plants and flowers looks so fresh. Some still got raindrops on them. Such a pretty sight.

The CCTV in operation sign is dedicated to my son who is currently obsessed with them.

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Autumn Blooms

We visited Brandon Hill Park Playground in Bristol. While husband and son is playing I was given few minutes to photograph and enjoy autumn and what it offers. Pure beauty! Amazingly there are still blooms that can be seen. In addition to the reds and browns and oranges of the leaves. There are still flowers with amazing colors.

Found this beauties clinging onto an electric post support wires and the post itself. Looks pretty!

This little guy stayed like this for the longest time. I think he wants me to think that he is part of the tree. A disguise!

My fave find is this bunch of flowers just popping out of the brown dry leaves! Amazing in real life and my photos doesnt do it much justice.

Also a fave is this tree. I must have gotten 50 or more photos! Going round and round.

I am so glad that we visited this place. I notice that I am staying home more and this is making me missed the changes in the environment. I am so glad to get an update onto whats happening outside. It is so pretty! A bit cold outside but pretty nonetheless.


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How Does Your Garden Grow

How Does Your Garden Grow

One of the things that I love when my son went back to school is my exposure to places that has got flowers. The church's garden where his school is located is stil full of flowers. Not as much as before but still pretty enough to enticeyou for a short stay in the benches to see them sway with the soft almost autumn wind. Like this afternoon while I am waiting for my son to finish his tennis class.It is really cloudy in there one minute and sunny the next hence the different lights of the photo.



How Does My Garden Grow

I have been doing the gardening thing awhile now. Started June me thinks. I am hiding them as I dont know if they will be alive for like a month as when I bought them potted plants they are so wee! Now They are still smallish but I think they have a chance of life as they already have thick stems. I know its so amateurish to base the life of the plants with the width of its stem but I am an amateur.

They are sunflowers, egg plants, a basil and a bougainvillea. Oh and I have a really really small pot of strawberry (as per the seed packet) too. I jujst water them everyday and they did grow! I am so happy too that one of the small eggplant has got an eggplant! Its so small and cute!

I am so clueless on what's going to happen to them in autumn and winter but I will just let them be and do their own thing. But I so pray that they will not die as I am really enjoying their company!

Here they are before.

Here they are now.



Grove Park After The Rain

Monday was really rainy and we stayed inside the house the whole day. By night time the sky cleared and its our sign to go out. Everything is so fresh and the smell is just amazing. We went to the park near our house again and it is nice that theres not much people in there. Plus the cafe is close so I can go near the garden that is usually for tables and chairs.

It is nice that a lot of the flowers are still in bloom.  Nicer that they have after rain drops. Been awhile since I last did this. Taking photos of plants. I got really really lost again in the middle of the flower beds and its just so amazing to be back in taking photos of them. Didn't take a lot of photos as its starting to go dark when we got there but I got enough to have an entry for this week's How Does Your Garden Grow and I am so glad that I can link up again.

Its not all fresh though as some of the flowers are already damage. It might be the changes in the weather or sign of the coming season too. What ever it is, it just mean that the plants is not going to be this pretty forever and I am glad that I got this moment to experience them in this state. I cant wait to see the changes that it going to happen to them soon though. I have to confess that I have been staying in this country for 4 years and yet this is the only time that I have the chance to see the season's effect on them closely.



*Used Nokia Lumia 1020 that was lended to me for #ConnectsTrial

Lazy Afternoon in Grove Park

Its been 2 weeks since I last joined this linky and I miss it dearly. I missed because I had some eye problem. The photos I am posting now is not okay as I am still adjusting to my glasses. Some time when I am in a ledge I dont know how high I am really as I feel I am really high but when I would jump I am really just a few inches off the ground. Still adjusting I am telling you.

Me and my son goes out every afternoon. If not he wont sleep on time. So for a change I skipped the beach and went to a park and let him play. Timed though as I requested him if I can take photos of flowers and plants. Surprisingly he said okay and when I told him we need to go I didn't get any complaints from him at all. What is happening to my son? Maturing. I am so proud of him today I gave him a wee bit of chocolate. The park is empty as everyone is on the beach sunbathing. There are few families and people who are siting on a bench reading books. I made a mental note of doing this when husband and son would attend a party this Saturday weather permits.

My son is awfully supportive the whole time I took photos. Not going far from me and giving me dandelions every time he sees one. He knows I like them. He would also tell me where there's awesome flowers are. Or would kneel with me to see the flowers closely.

It was a fine afternoon. I miss doing it and my son probably felt it too. The park is still beaming with flowers! They are well taken care of and I love the mix of colors. Yellows, reds and violets are every where! There's also a soft breeze that sways the plants lazily. We sat on the bench to watch this happening.

Again I apologize for the photo quality. I hope I gave these flowers' beauty some justice as they are really pretty in real life =)



Thankful Thursday

I am so lucky that everytime we are out my husband is always willing to babysit our son while I take photos of flowers in gardens that we visit. Few minutes by myself is doing wonders in my well being I am telling you. I am so happy after those few minutes of seeing these beautiful plants up close. Like this last Saturday. Sebastian and my husband stayed on an open lawn to watch some live music while I am few meters away taking photos in a secluded garden. Jill's Garden is located near the Garden of Fragrance but this is the only time I have visited it. I found out that this is another nice small quirky garden.

I also realized that it is awfully nice to take some photos while you have music in the background. It really does set the mood so maybe next time when its gloomier I can bring some music with me to lift my (the plants') spirit more.

My brain is really in a rut and I am out of words to describe everything that I am feeling at the moment. My writing muse left me (as if I ever had one). What I have are photos of blooms that delighted me in the past days. Hope you will enjoy looking at them as I enjoy taking photos of them!


In addition we went walking to Bristol and this caught my attention. A plant patch with lettuces, chilli and tomato in addition to flowers in their College Green Park. Amazing right!


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Alexandra Parade

It was a sunny day and my son and I are holed up at home the whole morning and lunch. I decided to soak up the sun and went not far from home. Few steps away from our door is this park. I have written a lot of times about this place in How Does Your Garden Grow. My staple garden. Almost like my own. And this is how we spent our afternoon. And how we would spend in the future days too.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Small Details

We usually go here to camp but I cant post photos of the garden as they dont have a garden. It is a big expanse of grass for tents. At first glance this place is bare but if you will dig deep and look at the small things, you will see details that are beautiful!

Like the photo of leaves on a solo early morning sojourn…

Wild foxgloves that sways with the wind…

a bench in a corner leaning on greens…

Shy flowers that looks down…

rocky corner fence covered with moss…

the yellow moss…

the green and the browns..

the squirty kind…

giants leaves that resemble a grail…

green soft water grass that surrounds the pond…

lush lilipods that covers the water

a orange lifesaver that stands out in the middle of the tall grass…


the magical flamingos that i think goes alive at night….

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Getting To Know More About You

In the last weeks I have been using my husband's (as I dont have my own) camera phone more than the SLR. I just reckon I need a bit of rest from the bulk. I had a bonus when my husband let me have a go at taking photos of flowers and said that he will take care of our son. Since he is using his phone today (Boo!) I have to bring the SLR.

I went back here Grove Park Garden Of Fragrance.  My second time to see this place. My first visit was amazing. This is the nearest garden that I can go to from my house so the place is convenient for a flower photo shoot. As the people are all spending their day at the beach this area is empty. Just flowers that smells nice and plants that looks lush in the afternoon sun.

I took some photos of potted flowers along the way too.

The smell that enveloped me when I entered the garden was.. sweet! And the flowers there, sweeter!

After taking some photos I realized that I miss doing this. I miss using a real camera.
I sat on one of the benches to enjoy the blooms and I saw this!

Details that I missed the first time I found this garden. I was planning on going around again with my eyes close just to see and feel the garden differently but I need to go back to my husband and son who are waiting for me at the beach.

But this is my new goal. Next time I will have another me time I will visit this place and close my eyes and feel what this garden offers. What the garden is really for > sense of touch & smell.

I will, hopefully soon.

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