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John Leon Sebastian Little

Dearest Bean,

Dadyy is only going to be here for few more days.  And then he is going back to the UK.  We're going to be a Long Distance Family.  Him there, me and you here =(

Sad but its reality for us.  And we have to make the most out of the days that we still have together.  So we decided t have your Christening while Daddy is here in Manila with us.

I am a Roman Catholic and David is Christian.  When you grow up, Ill let you chose your own faith.  For now You my baby boy will be like Mommy, A catholic.

Can I admit to eating a big chunk of chocolates because its stressful for me to plan everything when I am still not use to being your Mom.  You are a small handful you little you.  You wont stop crying at night.  Were reckon your are making your lungs strong and well this outside world is still new to you.

Haggard mommy that I am I woke up early  and went to Jollibee (Daddy's fave fastfood  here) to get things ready then went back to get you ready and Daddy ready and whew! Were late =P

The priest waited for us.

Here are our pictures:

I look so haggard! Its not about me though, its about you.

My cute little boy.  One of the few moments that you are not wailing =P Priceless moment!

Welcome to the Christian World!

Your visitors!

Look at how much Lola is happy to carry you!

We bought you a cake!

Here's Jollibee mascot!

These are just few of the pictures taken that day! Tiring yes! But its worthit! Its fun and mostly: You are Christened now! Yey.

Loves you bean,