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High Street Christmas Decors

Lots of times I am so clueless on whats going on where I live. I usually just stay home as I am scared to go out and be like another crime suspect. I am in hiding. Its a surprise one day after school to see that our high street. Few steps away from my house has Christmas Decor already. It is a but simple and yet I love the lights. When you go and see it a bit darker its like cascading water at night sky.

See if you can spot my kid in there. Posing not with the Christmas decor but the signs in the lamp post actually =P

Here he is! With his cookies! Telling me that the CCTV camera is in operation in this area.

We went deeper into our high street and found the trees with Christmas / Fairy lights on. Again its better to view this of course at night.

The town's Christmas Tree. A bit bare during the afternoon but pretty at night.

And when we got too cold we went in the stores and well another photo op with a sign!

We are going to try to take photos of these decors during the night. But this is how it is in the afternoon during our school run. Dark enough for the lights to be turned on but not dark enough for us to see its real beauty (yet).


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School Run Things

I am so amaze on how my son can see wonderful things that I would have otherwise miss. As a mother I am always thinking of schedule that we need to follow and my eyes are on that goal (to go home after school run, to do chores and for my son to rest after a long and tiring day in school). Its like I have blinders so nothing can distract me from those goals.

But there are so many small things that are beautiful that you can only see if you would just stop and try to find them. Like this 2 furby toys that are just sunbathing in the seafront. Who would have thought that they travelled far from their house to see the view and bask on the sun. My son is the one who found them. And we have created so many stories as to why they are there. Who brought them (did they really walk?) and how are they gonna go home.

About 100meters away from home he looked up and saw an arrow pointing back at the sea. When I looked up I am so in awe of how yes there is really an arrow shaped cloud in the sky!

And few meters away from our house is this store that sells Christmassy things. He loves that Penguin. He suddenly have a fascination with them because of this mall trip.

Simple things right up your (mine) noses but beautiful ones that you will not see if you will not stop. Children's eyes, they have this magic in them that sees this wonderful details that the world brings.

Our school run walk is never dull and gray.

School Run ColoursCountry Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

A Trip To The Seafront

I have been hiding inside the house since this happened . I remember promising that I am going to make the Annual Carnival Parade a family tradition but I really dont want to go out. I stayed home. Looking at my son thinking I owe it to him to see these beautiful floats as I promise him this. When my son heard the music from the parade he jumped for joy. He and his father went out to see it while I stayed home. When they left I went to the room and I remember just looking at a blank wall for the longest time. I was woken up with my son telling me stories about the floats that he saw.

Saturday came and my son is becoming restless. No choice but to go out. We went to the beach as I know that with this weather that it is going to be empty. Empty it is. And he run and played with the wet sand saying he is a digger! An awesome digger. I remember laughing at some point cuz when you are with your kid and theres sand theres something funny thats going to happen and you will laugh no matter how sad your are.

I am so glad that I went out with him. Did not erased things that had happened but felt happy even if its just for awhile. Moments with him as simple as walks like this is really magical. A child's innocence … is something that I wish I have now so that I can escape from all the bad things that adult life brings.


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A Bristol Walk

We have this old new camera that needs lenses so we head out to Bristol to look for a cheap one at this certain good lens store. Armed with our son's lunchbox full of sandwiches (cuz were frugal like that) off we went!
It was wet when we left the house and was raining when we arrived in Bristol.

Sadly the store is close on a Sunday. Nope we never learned our lesson. We didnt check in their website if they are indeed open in Sunday. So GO us!
While we are walking in the streets I took photos of those interesting quirky things. How cute is the pig (statue) hanging!?

Suddenly half way to out walk the sun went out and everything looks prettier even if its cold. We walked really really slow to the place where we parked our car. Skipping and hopping along the way. We also enjoyed the leaves and jump on them and we saw this tree with shoes as its fruit! Since the library is on the way we stopped by to warm cold souls. We also went in a playground (still along the way back the car) to burn some sandwich calories.

And when theres no more place to go we walk back to the car and head back home.

The end.


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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Half Term Week

This is the most treasured half term for us yet! Well its technically our first half term and I found out its value when we started school.

We did a lot anf tried to squeezed so much. But nothing so grand as we dont want to tire our little boy that much.
We started Monday with a trip to the the Mall. We are looking for shoes for Daddy! And as a prize for being patient while Husbaand is shoe shopping is his fave donut!

Tuesday was spent at home and when Dday arrived we just drove around and stopped when we saw this sign thats a good fit to my son's height. Now if you are a regular reader of the blog you will know that my son is traffic sign obsessed! So he loves this sign very much! Wont let go.

Spent Wednesday and Thursday just seeing teh sights around us. The high street is nice as its got Halloween Decorations!

Friday is Halloween but we went to stores cuz my son's feet are aching. So we went to ride the train and went to the mall again! Turned out his shoes are now smaller and husband's wallet is sad cuz kid's shoes more expensive than his =P

Saturday was spent with the owls! We are just returning a book when we found out a great event in the library! Owls! And face painting and food!

Sunday was spent in Bristol! Enjoyed their library and short walk in the harbourside!

We are going back to school tomorrow so we are making the most of our few free hours!


Owl Moment

Sadly I have to return this book! I am only allowed to have it for a week. So I took photos of the pages/ recipes that I love and said bye bye to them two funny ladies on the cover.

When we arrived at the Weston-Super-Mare library we were surprised to see that there is an event! They have and owls and face painting! For free! Theres also a table of food which is really cheap and everything looks cute and posh (sadly I werent able to get photos).

Everyone is SO accomodating and patient with my shy son. He chose an owl face painting of course. While Daddy is near the cake table.

After the face painting the guy who is holding one of the owl chatted with my son (still shy and not talking) and explained owly things. He also gave us a chance to take a photo of the cutest owl ever!

And we head out happy that we found some free events with nice people! And my son is so proud of his owl face!

Thanks to the local library! We should really come often. We used to go there every afternoon. We just got busy at the moment with school and stuff but we are going to visit more often now. To borrow some books and meet some more owls and other magical beings!


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A Walk In A Park

The wind is starting to pound on us. Getting cold where we are and a jacket is now a must on our late walks (though surprisingly my son can still go without jacket in the last few days! Amazing I know.) I asked my husband and son if I can go and take photos of a park. Its been awhile since I used the camera and I missed using it. I told them that they can stay home if they want. They dont want to stay home of course and would want to go with me. While I am snapping away they are also snapping using the cellphone. When I am done with taking photographs of the park garden (which you can find here), I took photos of my boyz together.

My son of course requested me to photograph some signs. I gladly obliged.

Its a productive weekend for us!


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Biking In The Prom

Its been a tiring week for us that we werent able to do anything outside the weekend! So before it ended I coaxed the guys to go and have a bike ride at the prom and they did (sadly I am stuck at home doing chores). I think it did my son good as he is more energetic after that trip. Nothing beats a day outside =)

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Outside The Mall

We are having so many indoor activity lately. Not because we are hiding from the weather but mainly because we are trying to make my son eat lunch in school by going to places that has the same set up as his. We went here for a resto and before heading in we found them cute little massive statues! I dont know if you are allowed to climb them but my son did!

My son loves statues and I think that if he can bring this home he will =P

They are made of plaster of paris me thinks. Amazing detail on this cuties!

And my husband really have to drag him out of the statue!


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Our New Ikea Tradition

With our goal into making him comfortable eating in school hall, we again went to Ikea! To eat at their cafe which had the same set up as his school. This time the lines (he corrected me, its a queue Mummy!)are long and he waited long. But was still hapopy when they got their orders and paid for it.

I have to go and get us a table so I am not with them in the queue. I also took some condiments and some napkins, water and some (ok a lot) of pepper. Since it really took so much time for them to finish ordering I drew some doodles on the table napkin.

He was estatic when he saw that im drawing and was excited to try it too! We said he can after eating and he ate his mac and cheese. We are trying to order new dish every visit.

After his meal. He took the pen and drew! I requested for a flower and he drew me one! A flower with a happy heart face! Love it!

He then drew his fave subject. Traffic signs!

After drawing on so many papers we left and he is really happy and I think looking forward to our next visit there. This tradition for our Ikea eating! Yes I think so!


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