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what he saw in me?

I am ugly. I have this big nose & droopy eyes and my hair is so big especially in the morning. When I got pregnant I got stretch marks that looks bad and lose skin in the tummy.

Also I am slowly (but sadly surely) gaining weight for lack of any movement since I arrive here in the UK.

But I know that he loves me. I dont even know why. Why he stays with me even if I am moody and is always down and depress. And he said when I am mad & I dont talk to him it makes him sad.

If im making him sad why is it that he wants me to stay when I want to go home?

or why he works 2 jobs to make it better for us.

It must be love. No one loves me like that other than my mother & sister.

I am very lucky to have him really.

Happy Birthday David

Just for today lets forget about everything & just think of you.  You are the best thing that happened to me & you gave me the best ever gift: Bean.

Life is hard for us and we are in this hard month but you are appreciated a lot.

Manila 066

Marie Claire


Got an email fr Marie Claire UK telling me that I can go to any Dior Booth at Boots and I can get freebie..

Hubby and I went to Cribbs and Causeway Mall and theres this boots store there & I claimedmy MC freebie!



ok so forgive me if the picture is like that i dont dont how to rotate mwahaha

sadly they dont have the foundation there yet so they gave me the sample perfume insteadwhich is ok. Plus Dior Lady is really apologetic and shes super nice!