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Cabin Fever

As I am still sick… I ask my husband David to write a story for me as a Guest Blogger, He does sometimes blog but he doesn't really update regularly here. He is quite good with words. I hope you will like it:


It was a cold summers day with a chill almost Arctic rain pelting the window pane. The sky was grey and muggy with no evidence of the sun having a chance to make an appearance. Alice sighed to herself wistfully wishing for the clouds to clear and for golden tendrils of light to find their way through. Two days now she had been sat next to the window looking out at the rain waiting impatiently for her chance to enjoy the sun. Huffing in defeat she slid off of the bay window seat and thought of what she could do to pass the time today. As it was still early and she hadn't long gotten out of bed she stumbled across to the bathroom pulling off her two days old clothes and dropping them intermittently down on the floor as she went. Tugging the last stubborn stripy wizard of Oz style sock off triumphantly she positioned herself under the shower head and let the jet of water take any residue of sleep away. Washed and smelling slightly fruity she marched off to her bedroom she had already decided that rain or no rain she was going to spend the day outside. Mr Pudge her fat persian cat lodger stood in her path with one of his feed me human imperialistic looks radiating from his face. "I'm sorry but the vet said you are overweight and prescribed a low cal diet so don't give me that look and try eating the biscuits that he recommended for you." He tilted his head showing his disdain his expression comical in it's seriousness as he meowed in a low growly moanful tone and refused to budge from his position blocking the way. Alice continued on hooking him expertly with her foot and slinging him gently out of the way. Pudge made a noise in protest looking even more disgruntled if that was possible while he tried to make out that he meant to be behind her and she had in no way managed to get passed him oh no because he was fully in control. She closed the door in his face on another one of his growly meows and hastened to her wardrobe to get dressed. Searching through the clothes for something warm and functional while being serenaded from outside her door she quickly pulled her clothes on and smoothed out any winkles while she stood in front of her mirror trying to tame her frizzy hair spraying it to no avail with an anti frizz formula that had never worked but it had just become part of her morning ritual.

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Pastillas De Leche (No Cook)

I got hold of a powdered milk for the first time here and ideas of what to do with suddenly flowed in my head. I am planning on doing 2 things initially which are all desserts. Pastillas de Leche and Polvoron. I tried doing this first as I know my son can help me as its no cook and so easy too! My son Sebastian helped me and he loves eating this.



2-1/2 cups of powdered milk
200 ml condensed milk

greaseless paper
japanese/tissue paper


  1. Mix the condensed milk & powdered milk together. Blend well.
  2. Shape into cylinders and roll in sugar.
  3. Wrap in parchment paper. If you want you can use colored japanese/tissue paper as a second wrapper for when you want to sell or give this dessert a gift =)


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