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His idea not mine.

I wont let him use the earphones on the ipod or ipad so he used it on our TV! Creative eh? Future Steve Job? Err we will see.


Mini Creations

Our Little Sunday Food Project – S’mores Lollie

I saw this recipe from one of the blog that I love reading called A Cowboy's Life.

I bought all the ingredients that I dont have. Its just this 3 basically.

My son (& Cookie Monster) helped me. He is in charge of putting the mallows on stick, then sifted the biscuits, rolled the mallows in Nutella and lastly rolled it in the biscuits or in short he did everything!

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Pumpkin Carving in our Little House

As I promise myself that we are going to try to start a Halloween tradition, we bought a pumpkin! A massive one and husband and my son started carving it. We are really surprise to find out that the pumpkin is not full. We are expecting it is.

We removed some of the flesh for future cooking and draw some eyes, nose and face!

And our finish Happy Looking Chap!


Mini Creations

Our New Ikea Tradition

With our goal into making him comfortable eating in school hall, we again went to Ikea! To eat at their cafe which had the same set up as his school. This time the lines (he corrected me, its a queue Mummy!)are long and he waited long. But was still hapopy when they got their orders and paid for it.

I have to go and get us a table so I am not with them in the queue. I also took some condiments and some napkins, water and some (ok a lot) of pepper. Since it really took so much time for them to finish ordering I drew some doodles on the table napkin.

He was estatic when he saw that im drawing and was excited to try it too! We said he can after eating and he ate his mac and cheese. We are trying to order new dish every visit.

After his meal. He took the pen and drew! I requested for a flower and he drew me one! A flower with a happy heart face! Love it!

He then drew his fave subject. Traffic signs!

After drawing on so many papers we left and he is really happy and I think looking forward to our next visit there. This tradition for our Ikea eating! Yes I think so!


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Last Sunday we went to get some blackberries Uphill. And what else to do with those ripe blackberries? JAM of course. Blackberry jam making. This is our second try as the first one didnt turn out quite well. Husband and son took over the kitchen and bonded on jamming.

My son helped as much as he can. In squeezing out lemons. Cleaning the berries. Mixing it and adding the sugar and mixing it again. When the pot got too hot Daddy took over. He transferred it to containers and when it got cold my son helped with the labelling!

Ladies and gents, I present to your our Jam!

Labor of love of my husband and son! Cant wait to put them jams on my cakes!!!!


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My son has this toy that he drew. I dont know if its a Dinosaur or a Dragon so lets call it a Dragonsaur or a Dinogon.

I am always happy everytime he draws. I have to admit that he uses a lot of paper. So I take photos like this and recycle them so that I wont feel guilty and buying a new set. And I am happier that he is improving in his drawing. Before its just doodles now it is really taking shape. More like the inspiration. Like this Dragonsaur =)

My son Sebastian is 4 years old.


Mini Creations

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