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Lego Plane

Warning: This is going to be a really really cheesy post.  So cheesy is not your thing you should start walking away now.
Like what I've said my family and my relationship with my husband is young. I am still learning things about him, discovering new stuff.  But one thing I already know that I learn early about him is that he loves Lego.
Lego collage
I have boxes and boxes of the Pirates of the Caribbean and gazillions mini-figures.

My son got the Lego loving genes of course.

photo (3)

I remember waiting for him for 2 hours at Toy R Us because he looking for that elusive Golden guy mini figure. And not counting the other stores =P Sadly we didn't get him. Hes heartbroken and I thought that that's the end of his Mini figure love.  Well hes still looking for him and he almost collected all of the next batch.

photo 1 (13)photo 2 (21)

He is building a ship with my son from scratch and my son is helping him (destroy it mostly).  They are almost done and it is a big deal for him.  I am letting him build this ship because its an outlet for him.  He is stress with working 2 jobs and Lego helps him recover.  Every time he looks at that ship he is so proud and happy.

photo 1 (15)
Lego has become a part of me as well because of him.  We are having a hard time.  His Lego toys are on our budget because they are not that expensive.  The big ones, the one in massive boxes are from this store that lets him pay in installment.  I am telling you how his saving for it by not eating food he fancies for lunch at work.  It takes him so long just to finish one box but he is working for it and the guy from the store knows how much he love them toys.
We are struggling really.  And this financial struggles prevents me from visiting home, Philippines.  I've been here for 3 straight years and I haven't seen my family that long.  He would see me sometimes crying while doing the dishes and this I know pains him.  On my part I know that we are not well off but I cant sometimes help missing my family and crying while remembering them. I ache to go home and for my mother to see my son.
Lego doesn't end as a toy he loves but also is a token he use to express emotions.
It surprise me one afternoon when he gave me a small plastic.

What is this? I asked him surprise and He just said 'Open it'

Its s 'Plane?' A Lego toy plane.  Its not even in a box or wrapped =P

photo 2 (20)

He said, we can't afford the real one so lets just have them.

'Its our inspiration to eventually, one day ride a real one and we will go and visit your family'

I just laugh silently and kept the plane in my palm.  So small and yet the message and thought is so powerful.

My husband is really a small boy at heart, trapped in  man's body and the things that he do is awfully awfully cute.

I have the plane of course and I will hold on to it cuz its a common dream for us.  Me to ride one and visit home, him to give me what my heart wants.

One day, one day our Lego dream will come true.

                                                                                              This post is my entry to TOTS100 Lego Competition.