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Ep 2 – 1 Broke Girl

In continuation of my One Broke Girl Episode 1.
I am still looking for funds for my plan to go back to school.  Initially I need £350.00 as downpayment as they accept installment in tuition fee.

Last episode I have £100.00, money that I got from my last job as a Pizza Maker from Domino's Pizza.  I resigned becasue the time is affecting my son's sleeping pattern.  He sleeps 11-12pm (the time hubby and I go home fof work) and wakes up 3am (time I usually go home when I do store closing sched).  Needless to say that even though I am earning wee bit more than before I have to let go of the job to get my son's sleeping pattern back to normal.  Sleeping by 8-9pm.

Im really keen on at least getting in in that school.  I know that I just need to start.. Just get that downpayment and everything will follow.

So what I did was scoure the house of things that I can sell for cash.

I found some used DVDs, CDs and games.

I sold stuff at musicMagpie before and I know that they are good.

So there … went to their website and sold my stuff! Easypeasy!

I have a total of 31 items all in all and I rake £39.54 all in all.  They are going to pick up the items on Thursday and I need to wait till i get the check/money but Ill take it as .. as I got rid of stuff thats making the house messy and I get money while doing it =P


so now….

£ 100.00 – Domino's Pay
£  39.54 –  musicMagpie

£ 139.54

Of course there might be some problems with some of the DVDs or games that Im trying to sell…. so this is not the final sum.. but at least… theres some development =P  £ 210.46 to go..Yeyness!

Till next  time =)