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I only have 20p in my bank =P

It must be the Nutella that I ate or the fact that I have Nutella still that's making me zen at the moment. =P

photo 1 (5)

Yep I'd never thought I'd say that but I am zen =P

I mean I got use to it, laptop busted, cold night creeping in, not potty trained son, no cellphone, cant afford to visit home, gained so much weight, binge eating, not winning any of the contest that I joined in.

Its tiring to be sad. I mean how can u stay sad this long when its sunny
photo 2 (6)

I'll enjoy this moment cuz there's going to be a storm on Monday.  You get use to it.  All these problems.  You get use to it till you go numb.  That is my state now.  Numb.  Use to it.

Does that mean I am stronger now?

Does that mean I can handle more problems?

I dont know.  Hopefully this is rock bottom and hopefully this is me going back up.

Now what can I buy my with 20p