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On The Verge

I was feeling restless. I am just walking around the house and I feel overwhelmed with the mess. I also want to cry but I don't have a reason to. I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Why? DO you even need a reason for that?

I took my bag, camera and a book. I am not going to let me get me. I went out earlier than usual. An hour or so before my school run. Enough time for me to cool down before I show my face to my son.

I took photos of everything and anything. Empty spaces I realized are so calming and peaceful. Walked to my son's school afterwards. I sat on a bench and took my book. I can hear children playing in the background. One of those tiny high voices is probably my son.

I am already feeling sane by the time I went to pick my son up. Laughing even at his stories of what had happen in pre-school that day (he used a wet slide and his bum got wet among other things).

I feel better now while typing this. Calmer. No longer on the verge. It is probably nothing, PMS or something but I am glad that I went out when things got too much. Photography is one great way to ease your nerves and calm your senses when things are too much to handle.

Photos that I took.





Now I can tackle that dried play-doh on my carpet. And I can say bring it on.

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