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A Family Camping

We've started camping about a month or 2 ago and we are addicted! Husband got himself a cheap but okay tent too (we were borrowing a small tent before) from gumtree and he is keen in trying it so we off to camping we go!

This is our first time to camp alone as a family. We always go with a family friend and it was always fun and safe as they are seasoned campers already.

It is a bit scary and exciting to say the least. We also chose a different camp site. A lot farther than usual. We went to Exmoor. The drive was long and along the way we are always discovering things that we should bring but weren't able to. Potty, our mini broom and dust pan. Lantern we should have borrowed from my husband's brother.

It is rather scary too. The road to this campsite is steep and on some parts we are exposed to cliffs! Near the camp site the road is too narrow too. I was actually thinking we will be alone in there as it is a bit far (in my standard at least).

But when we arrive there are so many campers! Like a festival! And I can hear water flowing. This got me excited! As we arrive we bit late we need to assemble tent right up. Me and hubby started pitching the tent up while Sebastian my son started exploring. We let him be as the river is not deep and he is very keen on seeing and feeling the water. The best place to camp ever!

Sebastian did help when he saw the mallet!

I think he got a bit tired from all the exploring so when the tent it up he asked if he can eat.

We had a bit of hard time firing our woods as we only have those small match but we did manage to get it started. It is a bit windy so its scary to make the fire too big. Sebastian made too much mallows on stick =P

He slept like a log! I think its because the weather is good! He's having a lot of problem sleeping lately at night due to the heat. In here its cool and nice to use the duvet again! And the sound of the water flowing helps in winding him down too! He woke up with a smiley face.

Ate his breakfast at this rock! One in front of our tent. Life is good!

Early morning visitor! So cute!

Me! Laughing like crazy cuz the water is SO cold. You get use to it tho and its fun after few minutes.

Look at the water cascading. We could live here! Just so serene!

We started exploring the place together. So much prettiness! So many space to hike to!

Sadly we need to go during lunch as Husband needs to work the next day. Sebastian doesn't want to go of course saying he wants to stay in the water some more. We did give in and husband and son swam a bit even if its cold.

So they took a dip in the cold water, changed, disassemble the tent and we drove home.

But would also stop by to views like this!

It was an awesome day and we visited an awesome place! That campsite if well recommended by us! secluded and yet not lonely. We are definitely going back (hopefully next week =P)


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