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Saturday is FROW Caption Day!

Vogue E-I-C sitting in FROW with her legs entwined weirdly. Saw this in Look Magazine and I was like 'What the …' how do you do that????

Tried it
photo (4)

It can be done but its not comfy! And your legs will look weird.
So can you please caption Ms. Wintour's picture?


If you think you are flexible enough why don't you try it & send me the picture of your twisted legs! At @pixiedusk with hashtag #frowlegs

Sorry I can't give a prize to the best legs but I salute you cuz I know it's hard 🙂


Saturday is Peek-a-Boo Caption Day


Have you ever bought him a gift, like something major for you and you end up seeing your toddler playing with the box instead of the toy? He loves boxes and our living room is full of them from this house to the traffic signs that he loves dearly.

I am inviting you to Caption this Please =)

Happy Saturday!