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We have been busy a bit lately in school. The parents are more invloved lately. I started attending a wee bit of a class to be aware of what my son is learning in school now and how I can help to continue his learning at home. I really enjoy and in awe of how much the school is making sure that the parents knows how to support learning.

Last Monday I assisted with the other parents on walking the kids to the library. It was fun in spite of the rain. The kids' spririts are up and no rain can bring it down. They read books and were introduce to how library works. My son & I usually stay in there before so he knows his way around as so with the other kids who we know from outside school cuz we have been playing with the in the library's playgroup.

And we are going to have another session of how to help with phonics.

And in support to the Children In Need campaign they will have a onesie in school day! And my son is so excited of that. He will be wearing his minion onesie and I know it is going to be very very fun for him!

I am an outsider a lot of times in this country and I have written a lot about that. Mostly because of my own fault in not joining and attending events. Blogging related included because I am too shy. But when of course it is needed for my son's development shyness be gone and I will join and get involved in the best way that I can.

Participate is my word of the week but I have a feeling that it will be my word of the school year days.

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Parents Teacher Night

We went to my son's school to meet with his teacher. We sat in front of her with my son and my son is really shy. The teacher explained what is going on with him inside the classroom. It is nice to hear what my son had been doing. And we discussed about the thing that worries me the most which is his eating. I am really not sure on what I can divulge or not allowed to say in the blog but one thing is for sure there is some progress not just in eating but in every aspect of school. We need to work a lot on his handwriting as well.

This made me feel better as a parent of course. To know where to work at after school and to know where he is good at. I have always known my son but since he started school there is suddenly a gap to what I know now. This event has filled those holes!

We were able to look at photos of his activities too. So many funny things that he is doing and saying in the album that my husband would laugh out laugh a lot of times while turning the pages.

Suddenly I am excited of his schooling again. I am excited to hear another progress. I am excited to work on things that needs ironing out and I am just glad to be with my son inside the hall where he is scared of eating. After our meeting I talked to my son. He would tell me where he sits and what he does. And who he eats with. Hopefully talking about it in there would make him less scared of the hall in the next days.

This meeting gave me hope and some answers.

My word of the week is Progress.

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I am A Bad Mother

Firstly I would greatly appreciate it if someone will give me aa digital watch! Nothing fancy. I would love a gshock! Waterproof and well digital.

Why do I want one?

Early this afternoon I am doing a lot. I prepared dough for my steam bun project. I left it to prove and then I read some books for my IELTS. Then I had a misscall. From my son's school. This got me worried. Is he sick? Is he in trouble????

When I called back they ask if who will pick my son up. I said me and why? They said the school ended 3:15 and he is still in school. When I looked at the clock its 2.45. When I looked at the cellphone its 3.30!!!!!!!!!!!

I run. My shoes are not for running but I run. I want to cry but I cant as I need to be in school. When I arrive I went to the reception and my son is there. Only student left waiting for me.

I apologized and I already want to cry. But I stopped myself. I dont want to look so bad as I already look bad.

When we went out of the school my son started sobbing telling me I left him.

While we are walking away I feel so many things. Guilt, embarassment, guilt, stupidness and more guilt. I have let my son down. I gave him a chocolate. He devoured it. It made him forget that I was late. He probably notice too that I am on the verge of crying so he showed me funny faces. Pulling his mouth wide and blinking. He also kiss me. He said chocolate kisses.

And I felt more guilty. How can I ever be late?

Do the recption beleived me?

I swear. I am not always early in picking him up but I am there. I am there way before they let him go from tennis (my son's after school activity). I would never deliberately let him down like this.

I still feel bad right now. I am so tired but I cant sleep. Everything crumbled after that. My steam bun is not as good as I want it. I am embarass and I dont know how to show my face in school tomorrow.

I am such a bad mother! I should've set an alarm in my cellphone. I should've check from the ipad or shouldve check the laptop.

Should have =(


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Happiness is Ikea Meatballs

As we are having a hard time for my son to eat in his school cafeteria we decided to try to inject it on our lives. Canteen style eating! We started with Ikea. They have what we are looking for array of food to choose from and tray system of ordering.

He is so excited and is showing us the process of ordering from the restaurant! Leading us in the line.

He chose meatballs and french fries with a bit of gravy. And some milk from their drink's dispenser. I am so happy that he was able to show of his new found ordering skills that he learned from just 5 days of (trying) to eat in school.

My son showed us how to eat too, with gusto! With this I am hoping that he will be more comfortable in the next days in eating at his school cafe. This wont be the last of course. I also found out that Tesco Cafe's have the same of system so we will try to eat there as well in the next days.

Here are our photos from the Ikea Cafe.


Here he is excited!

But patiently waiting for his turn

Leading us on what to do next.

Eating his order with gusto!

Sorry for the blurry photo but I just love his smile here and his sunburned face!

Happy with the free milk.

He finished his meal fast!

And being a traffic sign obsessed boy he notice this chair has a NO STOPPING SIGN hidden in it.

I am really struggling with this starting in big school gig. I am trying my best in ways that I know would help my son adjust better in school. I know that we still have a long way to go but I will of course continue to try harder. Hopefully this plan of exposing him to things like this would make it easier for him to learn. Hopeful as always.

Disclaimer: We were not paid to do this post we just really love to eat there in Ikea.


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My son Sebastian of course is always our top priority in the family. Moreso this week when he started in a big kid school. We are very busy with him. We are trying to start a new routine. Him starting in a new environment is hard. He looks to be adjusting well but this might be very very overwhelming (it is to me) at the same time so it is of course nice for us parents to be with him in every step till he is really adjusted. The school is also slowly trying to introduce formal learning to my son. He has the whole September to adjust attending school with half of his original class. We will start whole day of class with the other half of the students this October. I believe that this system is the best for young children which made me appreciate his school more.

So many more things that we need to do and start and I am so glad that he is cooperating and seems to be enjoying these changes. Makes things wee bit easy for everyone especially me.

Since he ruled my world this week, HIM will be my word of the week.

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Been nervous most of the week. This week we are to attend some event in my son's new school for September. The first one being a dinner. My son is an okay boy all over what this is the field that we havent perfected yet. Mealtimes. In the house mealtime is us parents asking him to please concentrate on eating instead of walking round and playing around the table. And this dark secret that I keep, I still spoon feed him cuz if not he would never eat by himself. We started with eating on the table and we do have progress but they are slow. I am wishing that before school start this September theres something different. That he can eat by himself or at least stay on his chair.

We then went back to school for another meeting and I am more relax as this one doesnt involve eating with a fork and knife. Just snacky things. They mafde the kids see their future classroom. I am so proud that he behaved well and got to play with new kids! We bought used uniform from the parents association. Believe me they are in good condition and they are cheaper than when you are buying new ones. My husband bought too much actually.

I think that other than the eating side, we are ready to tackle his foundation years!

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