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I was walking leisurely from Tesco to our house when I saw an envelope with my name on it.  It could be for any Samantha but I chose to own that envelope because well I want to.

I looked around to see if anyone can see me.  The cold chilly weather made the streets deserted. Its only five o clock but it looks seven or even eight or nine.
I was wishing for some cash in the envelope but all that's in there is a letter.
I sat on the bench of the bus stop and read it.  I still have time to cook before you arrive home.
It said:
I am leaving your for another girl.  It is not your fault but mine.  I let myself fall for her.  I let myself fall even when I am married with you.
She is a lot like you I guess.  Quirky and funny.   Its the time we spent together at work.  Sharing the pressure and stress with her.  Spending more time with her than you.
I dont want to hurt but I have to do this.  It is better to say this this early than later when everything is too late.
I love you but I love her more.
Your husband,
I looked at the bus that's arriving.  The lights from it is so bright.  I put the letter in my pocket.  Sighed and then I saw you running from your seat to the door like you are in a hurry to run to me. You saw me and your face lights up.
You look so in-love with me.
Your smile widens and you hugged me.
'You waited for me' you asked.  Yes. I managed to answer back.
We've only been married 3 years.  But we are together since college.  No babies.  You said we are not financially ready.  I believe you cause money is your course,profession and I am only an artist.
You always said money is too much to work with, too stressful and you envy how relax I am with my paintings.
You always talk about this girl who always save your butt.  What is her name? Ana? Yes Ana.
You took my hand and held it tight.  Kissed me in my forehead.

You used to kiss me on my lips, Simon.

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