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Family Portrait

Lately photos of us together is hard to get by. I think that its since last year that we had one. I am always holding the camera and so I have massive photos of my 2 boys. None of me or none of us together. But who needs photo when you have an artist son =P

Little Family
This is the Little Family. My husband is carrying our son Sebastian on his shoulder and me beside them. I have my bag in there too and his bike below my bag and our names beside our head. My son is 3 years old.

Sebastian's drawings are now showing simillarity in real life. Starting to have forms and shapes. He can also do mean traffic lights. Drawn to the last detail and I am so proud and would support this creative outlet to the max that I can.


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Road Network – A Toddler’s Mini Creation

Toddler is always happy to wake up in the morning because he can draw roads! Every morning before pre-school. His first words after good morning will be what color are we going to use for signs?

We are lucky enough to be able to get some cheap papers from WSmiths. 99pence for a recycled white paper which is originally £5!
photo 3

So he can draw to his little hearts content. =)
photo 2 (1)

Hes got so many drawings that is heartbreaking to throw actually but I would just take pictures and then recycle the papers. Like this one that he did few days ago
photo 1 (1)

It seems a bit messy the sketch but one he will explain what's in the paper youll be amaze at how much intricate the road network is. Parking, Zebra (Pedestrian) Crossing, No entry signs, Road Closed Sign, Tesco-Asda-Sainburys Store… Hospital. The works. The mind of my toddler is complicated already =) Cant wait for more artworks =)

Mini Creations

double whammy

last saturday and sunday…i attended a comics making seminar at megamall… [might post pictures… i just need to ask the photog permission first]…

ive never felt happier and more at home than that place…

i guess… ive forgotten that i have a creative side and when i attended that gig… the side of me that creates was awaken.. [nakkks]..


i already misses the people that ive met there..and saw there…

i guees it means that i misses the old me…

i have this blank drawing paper and i promise to sketch something before the night ends…

anybody who wnats to meet up..and lets draw together… im not good but it feels good to draw…

theres this nude sketching thingy thats happening beside our office… the name of the exhibit hall/shop is astra…we can attend their nude painting session every wednesday but we need to pay…



but im sure itll be worth it… the people there looks nice.

i dont know though…


im confuse. i cant really just dished out that much money to draw nekedness…

i guess… ill practice more at home muna.

sorry if im confusing!!!

im really saving for my braces eh.


i told my mother once… nay nagugutom ako… tas… di bumili ka ng food.. eh ayoko im saving some moolah for my braces… sagot nya: eh di kainin mo yang braces mo!!!!

ouch! he he… of course shes kidding. i hope shes kidding!

i can already see her say: eh di idrawing mo yang braces mo!

mwa ha ha.. magkarun ka nga naman ng nanay na katulad ng nanay ko…