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I will not write about my sitcom today.  Honestly theres no update for it yet =P so my money is still the same.  Plus I really am thankful today.

I got an email already from Debenhams about my prize in the Shoe Design Comp telling me that the voucher that I won will be delivered soon! And guess what? I have the VOUCHERS!!!! I can buy something! 500Pounds YO!

And then I got this DM from Flora! Ive won something .. not like massive but.. its good news nonetheless

And then another good news: Some confession was published in Prima Magazine and I got money from it!

And..haha not yet done!!!
I got my prize from a Clarins Comp! How cool is that?

It all arrive in the same day!!! All the good news! I feel so positive! Hopefully you guys wont feel that I am bragging for the stuff that I got.. They are not really a lot =P

its just that .. life is hard lately and all these blessing that arrive today is.. is a welcome break from all the heart ache.. I am so happy about it and this entry is to remind me that I am blessed ..and Ill go back to this when I feel sad =P

I feel THANKFUL.  Christmas came in early!

PS. >>>>> TGIS
Got this from the mail today as well! Yeyness! Warm socks for cold winter day and nights!