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My Solace

I am finding it hard to be thankful today as my days are so busy and its overwhelming.

Then I just look at my son's face and everything will be okay. He heals me. I remember when he is a baby and when my day is tough I just smell his head and I feel better. There is something about his smell that make things right. No it is not soap or baby cologne just his natural smell.

Nowadays he doesn’t smell the same but I still find solace in kissing and smelling his head. And I am lucky that he is still a toddler who likes to receive and give kisses.

Last night he is itchy. Not just his body but his head. Eczema. Not event hose creams are enough to make him stop. But when he gets really bothered by it I just give him pen and paper and he would start drawing and get lost in his little drawing world forgetting about his itchy skin.

I am awfully proud of him especially when he is drawing cuz I get comments like he is growing up like me my mother and father said. Like him. Him like me. I know that he is his own person but his love for drawing makes me connect to him more because I understand that passion.

Of course he is dabbling into so many things and probably looking for that one (or 2 or 10) things that he wants to concentrate on. Or am I rushing things up =P

He is growing up and developing a character that it his own. My son is just a constant source of happiness and inspiration and sanity. I don’t know what would happen to me mentally without his bugging. Left on my own devices, I would give me so much time to wallow on sadness but with his presence my mind is constantly kept busy on toddler things.

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