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Burst Forth

School will start Friday for us. Have been thinking about it and is nervous on to whats going to happen since Monday when everyone is already starting. In a way its a torture as I have been nervous & everyone else is already settling in.

We had a meeting with my son's teacher beforehand and we saw a girl in the reception area. And my son played with her and they are both happy. Another boy shouted his name while coming out of the hallway too. His mother said it is nice because his son usually forget names. This made me wee bit proud (and thankful for her nice comment). As I know that he remembered my son's name because they played together in their tester class before. He is a social butterfly now, my Sebastian. He is of course shy with the people whom he doesn't know which makes me feel safe that he just wont go with strangers. Somehow I know that he will be okay starting school as he is a friendly kid.

After that meeting I can not wait for him to go out there and make some more new friends. I cant wait for him to go out and burst forth.

To make his world bigger, to learn and to be a better person.


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Opening of (Birthday) Presents (Not sponsored)

My son's birthday is on the 19th and every parcel that would arrive home is his birthday presents and he would open it with gusto! We cant go out as its raining & he cant go to school as hes got diarrhea last Monday. School wants him home for 2 days before he can go back. So its just me and him and cabin fever. Luckily I got 2 parcels> 1 last Tuesday & 1 last Wednesday. Which is lucky as I usually don't have mails at all and parcel only comes once in a blue moon. So I think we have a blue moon then =P

Tuesday> First is a prize from Persil from their FB page. A book and a bottle of the washing soap. He said I wonder what it is when he saw the box and when he did found out that its a bottle (& a book) he immediately took the bigger bottle in the cabinet and said its Mummy and Baby. He just playead and played with it making tower and blocks.

Wednesday> A rainy day and we cant go out plus I am sick. So what better way to lift my son's spirit up? Another parcel! Yeyness! He wont even let me touch it! Mummy its mine he would say. He opened it and its a Brita prize that Ive won from Time To Be An Adult. He just loves it too! Like its really his gift. This pitcher is so good as I am limiting his juice intake as his teeth has got cavity. This will inspire him to drink water as its a red pitcher! It fascinate him hence the water will be drunk easily =)

Today is nada (blue moon gone) but its okay as my son is back to school so that will occupy him. But at least the last 2 days are interesting for him and parcel made him happy. I reckon we need to post our real birthday gifts to him as its more exciting. He loves it more. Thanks for my prizes! They are really highly appreciated (by my son).


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Reason To Be Thankful & Cheerful

I dont know how long have I been a member of Tots100 but I know but I am eyeing to be a part of the Top 500. It is impossible before as I dont have a internet connection and the time to blog a lot.

Slowly we got connection. But just when that happened my laptop broke.

I remember using the ipadmini to blog and it was hard. Luckily husband bought those keypad that a bit workable and I started from there.

My rankings goes up and down and a lot of times I am almost there in the Top 500 but will go down cuz something would happen like my son will get sick.

I cant just cut it. Last April my standing is 567! The closest I got and it made me more inspired. But somewhere along the way of getting into that top I notice that I am not spending much time in the real world. SO I decided to make a bit of a step back from the internet and the blog and enhoy the weather and my son. I am ready to face the next ranking annoucement. I am ready to go down.

But last Monday something happened. I got in the TOP 500!!!!!!

And its not just that I am on Top 326.

I am very very happy of course.

Thanks to everyone who visited my blog. You have helped me.

This is of course nothing to some people but for me it means a lot. I have not reaching any of my goals lately since I arrived here in the UK. 3 and a half years of failing to achieve anything hurts your confidence and your ability to bounce back when things go wrong. In those years this is the only goal that I have achieve. And I am thankful that i did. Its not like a magic pill that will heal everything but it mad eme happy.

I would want to stay in this exclusive group but I just cant give all the time that it needs to stay in.

But I am okay with that. As long as I have a month to savor this moment in time when I got what I want for working hard for it.

Thanks again people. Thanks very much indeed.


I am in a bit of state.

I am looking for someone who can help me with my son as I am volunteering and there is no extra free slot in his pre-school.

But thats not really me being thankful & cheerful.

But I have something to be thankful this week!

I am a foreigner in here and I have been here for 3 and a half years and I havent had any friends just acquaintances from around town that I met thru playgroup, library or church events. I dont linger in any activity enough to have real friends.

That might change now. I have been walking, running my son to school since last September!

This made me thankful, Sebastian going to pre-school had made a lot of positive changes in our life.

  • Son is now potty trained. I persevere because of school. I reckon he needs to be potty trained by the time he starts Primary School and we just did it one half term time.
  • Sebastian is now really kid friendly! Before he just wont share or play with other kids!
  • When he started school we started to have a routine which I am aching for since I arrive here in the UK and started being a mother all by myself. I struggled so much and when he started school routine just fell on our lap & I am not complaining.
  • I have a new friend! She is an Italian Lady. She doesnt know much english but we are surprisingly getting by. I am excited of this. We have so much in common!
  • Our son is also becoming friends! Being an only son I ache to have another child so that he wont be alone but him having a friend is the next best thing =)

These are just few of the things that had been given to us as a blessing since my son started school. There are some disadvantages, virus being one but there are more advantage at the moment that I am thankful & cheerful for =)


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Play That Funky Music My Boy


He doesnt know how to play the guitar but since we saw this music show at Bristol. He wont stop using the toy guitar and would sing random songs (mostly songs he compose in his head). I remember we have this guitar that my brother-in-law loaned us and since he had fever today I reckon he wont have enough energy to crash it. He loves it and would play non stop. The guitar needs tuning but he doesnt know that =P

He is so cute I am telling you! Singing hiw own songs mixed with some known ones.
Here is the video version

Im so proud of him. The piano lessons given by his Nain hasnt started yet because she is poorly too but I am really excited for it to start as I know music is something he will enjoy doing.

Im so proud, happy, thankful and cheerful for this! I always thought that I would push music for him but he is loving it voluntarily =P



I am over the moon when I saw the @Tots100 rankings. I didnt even made it to 500 but I am ever so happy with my rank. I am working hard to get to 500 actually but I really dont know how to work it. So please feel free to give me some tips and advice.

I am 551 this month from 729 so its not that bad. This is the result of commenting on Linkys.

I have been commenting on alot of other blogs that i feel that I am scattered all over the internet globe. Like pieces of me are out there. That if you want to get to know me its going to be hard cuz I am everywhere =P

Again it might be lower next month as I got busy and got to comment less this month. But I am thankful that got where I am now.

*pats self*


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I have to admit that I am not feeling cheerful and thankful lately. Actually I am sad and I am just so lucky that I have this 2 persons who are always there. They are the my secret weapon!

  • My sister> I am always close to her. When I gave birth to my son in Manila my husband is still here in the UK. Its my sister who stayed with me during my long labor hours. From 8am till 11pm she is outside (family members are not allowed to go in) the delivery room waiting. Just her. In there. And when I arrive here and I am plagued by homesickness she is always there on the other end of the skype, chat line replying to my rants. When I started being active in blogging this March she is always there reading, commenting and RTing all my blogs and tweets. When I need someone to cover for me for being the breadwinner she did. And is still doing it. Well to if I may say. When I wanted to go home but I dont have the fare she volunteer to shoulder the fare money even if its means her savings will go to zero. I werent allowed to go home but she is saving the money just for me when we need it. Even if our house needs renovation! I really miss my sister and I so want my son to see her Tita (Aunt) Bagel. I dont know how i'd be without her in there. Thank you.
  • My son> I am stressed and he is … it is affecting him. I am so thankful that he is here to keep me sane in all these even if sometimes making me sane and him throwing hissy fits =P
And here they are. My sister is the first person to see my son when he was born as I am drugged =P My 2 angels =)
(Hopefully she wont get mad at me for posting her picture with my nice words hehe)


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