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Traffic Signs

Sebastian my son is so into traffic signs. Even before he started pre-school he is already obsessed of them. My theory is that he loves the joyrides that we usually do at nights when his Dad is not doing his second job. On the road he would always ask what the signs are. And from there he learned to love the signs that reminds him of our happy driving time. He so loves them signs that he started signing them with his hands.


And then he started drawing them and seeing them on things that I can't see unless he would explain what signs it is that he is seeing on random things.
Can you spot the NO ENTRY sign from the price tag of M&S dresses? Or the lamp post with signs on them?

In the library instead of the children's corner you will find us in the motoring section. He is browsing on those getting your driving license reviewer. The first time that we borrowed a signs book he wont stop hugging it! And he wont stop asking me to read him that book. If I am doing chores and cant read him the traffic signs book story, he would read it by himself.

I am so proud of how he would give time and dig deep and research on the things that he love. I am in awe of how much effort he gives on this hobby of his. Of course he will have another hobby but I know that he will be as passionate if not more because that is how he is a passionate kid =) and this is the reason why I am cheerful this week.

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My Solace

I am finding it hard to be thankful today as my days are so busy and its overwhelming.

Then I just look at my son's face and everything will be okay. He heals me. I remember when he is a baby and when my day is tough I just smell his head and I feel better. There is something about his smell that make things right. No it is not soap or baby cologne just his natural smell.

Nowadays he doesn’t smell the same but I still find solace in kissing and smelling his head. And I am lucky that he is still a toddler who likes to receive and give kisses.

Last night he is itchy. Not just his body but his head. Eczema. Not event hose creams are enough to make him stop. But when he gets really bothered by it I just give him pen and paper and he would start drawing and get lost in his little drawing world forgetting about his itchy skin.

I am awfully proud of him especially when he is drawing cuz I get comments like he is growing up like me my mother and father said. Like him. Him like me. I know that he is his own person but his love for drawing makes me connect to him more because I understand that passion.

Of course he is dabbling into so many things and probably looking for that one (or 2 or 10) things that he wants to concentrate on. Or am I rushing things up =P

He is growing up and developing a character that it his own. My son is just a constant source of happiness and inspiration and sanity. I don’t know what would happen to me mentally without his bugging. Left on my own devices, I would give me so much time to wallow on sadness but with his presence my mind is constantly kept busy on toddler things.

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Concrete Toddler Jungle

He got that scarlet fever 2 weeks ago and I thought that he is healed already when hes fever was gone. I am wrong when I brought him to the GP Friday when he still got those pesky rashes. It turned out the flu virus is still there and he's body is still fighting it. Which explains why he is sluggish the whole week. I would like to think that he is really better now. He requested for ToysR'Us and we just cant say no. It is always an adventure for him when we are there. It is his concrete jungle.

Starts with him checking toys … he's warm up.

Then on to his fave part… CARS!

He requested Daddy to try one. He tried driving it but its not moving =P

He got a bit frustrated and he tried everything in his power to make it move.

Gve up and went out of that car and he pushed =P

When one is tired from pushing the car.. you go to a cottage to rest.

Or a green house

Or white (so many choices =P)

And when cars wont move.. You ride a bicycle! Bicycle! This is actually the reason why we went in here. He started using bikes in pre-school and he likes it very much that he wants one. We

He is really fast now!

It is a bit sad that we cant afford any of the toys that he likes especially the bike. We are saving for that bike. We are just coming back for it. And hopefully someday we can finally use it outside and takes pictures of him enjoying that bike while the wind is touching his face.

We will. Soon. Few more weeks.

Word of the Week – Unpretty

I think I already said a lot of times that people around me in Manila made sure I know the truth. I am ugly and fat. I would get teased by relatives calling me dark and flat nosed girl. But the most memorable name calling is from someone in college. A classmate friend went to meet a friend who likes her and I went with her. That guy pushed me literally and whispered to me it would have been better if I am not there, Ugly. He said mad of my presence while my friend is paying for items she purchased (we met him in a Hello Kitty Store). I guess he's got the right to say it being a member of a band and being exposed to girls (groupies) that are pretty and he knows what he is saying. Yes I know I am ugly.

My friend doesn't know this of course. Never told anyone.

No one knew (until now).

Since then I distanced myself to them. Making excuses on not going on trips where I will be the 3rd of 5th wheel. My girlfriend thought that I am just this girl who always cancel the last minute. Scared of being told of again and feeling ugly and I don't want to really be with people. If its up to me ill hide my face and my fat bum in a cave and never go out again.

I changed of course. Only when I lost some weight that I came back into being sociable with people. I not only went out again but I also am not scared of my picture being taken.

My confidence went okay when I lost weight and when I can wear those skinny jeans.

I am gauging my self worth on how much I weigh.

Now I am … feeling fat again. And I am hidiing myself at home again. Wearing baggy clothes, puffy coats. Anything to hide my bulging thighs.  And I am not looking at people's eyes. I dont want to see the disgust in their faces. The same disgust that I saw from that guy who pushed me.  And I need to get our of this rut. I gained weight because I have been eating non-stop from depression. I am feeling sad because so many things in my life at the moment that i can't control and I am .. i hate it.


Hopefully this is just a phase. I am doing everything in my power not to feel unpretty again.  I am at night looking at my son's face & am amaze on how he looks good in spite of the fact that I am his mother.  And also try to hold on to the fact that no matter what i look my son loves me, kisses my face and sleeps with his cheek on mine. No matter how I look or feel, I am my son's Mum and he will not stop loving me even if I am not fitting my pants.

I will try to hold on to that and maybe tomorrow I will not feel unpretty anymore.


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Thankful Thursday

I said we are going to start using the dining table to eat as a family. We started last Sunday evening and so far so good. Not only did my toddler is now eating in the table he is also now eating by himself.  I still need to spoon feed him once in awhile when the conversations becomes to much for him (mostly when the topic is about traffic signs and Toys R' Us). And I am thankful that he is cooperating! Proud of him because he is being mature about the changes that is happening!

I have to admit we are only eating on the table at night though. But this is because preparing him to school is still a bit stressful for me that I have to feed him while preparing him.

Mind you this eating at the table at dinner time is not only something new to the toddler but to the husband as well.  We stayed in his family house for a few months and dinner there is his Mum cooking and eating food at their respective rooms. Cant expound on why but .. he is trying too. To stay onthe table even when he is done and the toddler is only halfway his.  Husband having second job is a bit od a drag for this though. We have to have dinner really early and to be finish by a certain time otherwise he leaves us. Again this is not okay but we have to live with it. On the bright side I can do the dishes and prepare the son for sleep earlier too.

Thats how it is in my house. What about in yours?

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Mr. Penguin

Here is Mr. Penguin. An eggplant, carrot & peas-guin who loves milk.
As evident in the pictures =P

I really am not planning on joining this competition because I don't have anything amazing in my fridge. What I have is an eggplant that I am planning on cooking with egg later. Then out of nowhere toddler and I just started carving a Penguin that I remember seeing from a show before.

My son loves this to bits that I have to plan another dish later.

This is an entry to the Foodimals comp by Tots100.

Saturday is Peek-a-Boo Caption Day


Have you ever bought him a gift, like something major for you and you end up seeing your toddler playing with the box instead of the toy? He loves boxes and our living room is full of them from this house to the traffic signs that he loves dearly.

I am inviting you to Caption this Please =)

Happy Saturday!


Friday Finds – Easel

He started using the laptop & iPad before using pens & paper. But when he started using them he never stopped doodling.

I would like to think that I influence him but I know that kids really just loves to doodle cuz it's a way yo express themselves.

He started with lines that I can't fathom. In his head it is something big & grand but to Mommy it's all lines crisscrossing each other.


Then they started to makes sense.
And I just wanted to nurture his love to draw, doodle, scribble more that's why we got him this

Our Friday find is an easel from ikea. We got him this so that he can develop his drawing skills using different mediums. This easel allows him to use chalks, pens & I would like to think that these mediums' texture is good for his senses as well. The roughness and powdery texture of chalk, slick touch of pens, the contrast of his canvass (it's white on the other side) & the grandness of the easel's scale in his point-of-view will hopefully help him be more inspired to further draw.


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