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Concrete Toddler Jungle

He got that scarlet fever 2 weeks ago and I thought that he is healed already when hes fever was gone. I am wrong when I brought him to the GP Friday when he still got those pesky rashes. It turned out the flu virus is still there and he's body is still fighting it. Which explains why he is sluggish the whole week. I would like to think that he is really better now. He requested for ToysR'Us and we just cant say no. It is always an adventure for him when we are there. It is his concrete jungle.

Starts with him checking toys … he's warm up.

Then on to his fave part… CARS!

He requested Daddy to try one. He tried driving it but its not moving =P

He got a bit frustrated and he tried everything in his power to make it move.

Gve up and went out of that car and he pushed =P

When one is tired from pushing the car.. you go to a cottage to rest.

Or a green house

Or white (so many choices =P)

And when cars wont move.. You ride a bicycle! Bicycle! This is actually the reason why we went in here. He started using bikes in pre-school and he likes it very much that he wants one. We

He is really fast now!

It is a bit sad that we cant afford any of the toys that he likes especially the bike. We are saving for that bike. We are just coming back for it. And hopefully someday we can finally use it outside and takes pictures of him enjoying that bike while the wind is touching his face.

We will. Soon. Few more weeks.