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Let Kids Be Kids – Playing in the Bookstore

We have been forever staying in this bookstore since we arrive in this place. Out afternoon were spent here as I dont know any mothers who live near me (I still don't) so we have no playmates. Of course we attend playgroups but on days when there is no playgroup to attend or when its vacation time we just stay here. Warm and fuzzy and now free wi-fi too! Few steps away from our house and they have nice staff who don't push you away. They let you play there and read and experience books. They let kids be kids.

We been visiting this too much, so much so that I use their aquarium to measure my son's growth! Look at how small he was!

And how taller he is now!

I think in some ways my son thinks that this is a part of our house. Which is understandable cuz its not only Merlinda (he doesn't call me Mum lately) but also Daddy who brings him here. And they have nice toys too that you can play with! So nice that Daddy decided to buy him one finger puppet and a back to school book. Here they are hoarding the activity table in Waterstones Bookstore.

We were not paid to do this post. We are just really squatters in their store =P


Ordinarily Magical


The advantage of living few meters away from the high street is that when the weather is brutal you can always hide and make the store your playground. This is my son's playground the children's book section of waterstones because they dont tell you off from playing there and they have free wi-fi (only recently). This aquarium is my son's fave feature of course. Who can resist the swimming fishies and that pineapple under the sea figurine in it.

I havent really notice until I saw this photo of how tall he is now and how bigger he got through the years. I remember the first days we go here, his forehead can only touch the edge of the frame of the aquarium. Now he can touch the middle part! My toddler is now a little big boy!

I dont have those wall height measure thingies but this is how I measure him through the places where we frequently visit and where we made a lot of childhood memories since he is small.

here he is before:


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