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An Autumn School Run

Usually our seafront is gray and brown. When the tide is high the water is brown and when the tide is low its just mud all over. Especially lately when it started raining everyday. Yesterday it was different though. The sun is shining, the wind is cold but soft and the water soft blue. The best color that I have seen our beach since we arrive here 3 years ago.

Sadly since its sunny too me phone cam is not getting the best of the color. But I think that I have gotten a bit of the blueness of sea.

So when I picked my son up from school I told him that we are going to walk in the sand. We usually dont do this as its muddy but today its dry and special as the water is in its bluest color.

So we sat on the benches and we just looked at the sea while my son eat some snacks. And tried basking in the autumn sun while admiring the sea so blue!

I would like to apologized for the blurry photo. I wish I gave this day more justice by getting nicer photo but I werent.

**UPDATE Nov. 20, 2014: And just to show you how its brown on usual days, here is the beach today.

We are feeling it already too. The season will change. Its going to be darker and colder and maybe there will be snow or maybe some more rain.

But we make sure that the gloomy sky wont make our life gray too! We sometimes always bring our own colors!


Fireworks Night At The Beach

We are lucky to live where we live as the events are just outside our front door. Like the fireworks display at the Grand Pier here. An annual event which is attended by a lot of people here in Weston-Super-Mare.

Last year I told myself that we are going to start traditions for my young family. We have started a lot and this year is our chance to really cement these events as a tradition. Same time last year we attended this same event and I blogged about it here. So many things had happened and my son has grown into a little boy who can now speak.  I can only imagine the developments that I am going to write about next year that we attend this same event again. I am so looking forward to that!

Here are the photos that I took! Sorry if a lot are blurry! I am so lost with using the cams at night.


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Glimmer of Hope
Glimmer of Hope


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

A Trip To The Seafront

I have been hiding inside the house since this happened . I remember promising that I am going to make the Annual Carnival Parade a family tradition but I really dont want to go out. I stayed home. Looking at my son thinking I owe it to him to see these beautiful floats as I promise him this. When my son heard the music from the parade he jumped for joy. He and his father went out to see it while I stayed home. When they left I went to the room and I remember just looking at a blank wall for the longest time. I was woken up with my son telling me stories about the floats that he saw.

Saturday came and my son is becoming restless. No choice but to go out. We went to the beach as I know that with this weather that it is going to be empty. Empty it is. And he run and played with the wet sand saying he is a digger! An awesome digger. I remember laughing at some point cuz when you are with your kid and theres sand theres something funny thats going to happen and you will laugh no matter how sad your are.

I am so glad that I went out with him. Did not erased things that had happened but felt happy even if its just for awhile. Moments with him as simple as walks like this is really magical. A child's innocence … is something that I wish I have now so that I can escape from all the bad things that adult life brings.


 photo 93142f35-6d39-479f-b3de-d94dbca68162_zps58499252.jpg

Family Day Saturday

As we are keen[ish] in getting fitter we decided to have an early morning walk. It was windy but the skies are clear so we just tried our best to ignore the windy weather (which is hard) and concentrate on the beauty of the beach that day.

The weather is deciding early on what to it is going to be. One minute or second its sunny and another its cloudy hence the changes in color in my photos.

We gave up before we finish with the walk as the wind is really overwhelming already.

In our way back we saw that they are offering to have beach huts in 2015 in the weston beach. I really dont know what to feel. On one hand it is nice as the colors would be nice on a gloomy day. But I hope they wont cover the whole prom as the view is nice when you are doing a walk or run in there.

As husband decided that the wind is too much for us here we drove to Bristol. Windy but not as much as near the beach of course. It got a bit sunny and son cant be stopped in having a dip in the fountain. I dont know how he can strip in this weather as though its sunny its still too cold for me. Oh well kids had got their own body heater me thinks (mental note to bring swimming attire when ever ae are heading to Bristol on whatever weather). So we covered him with sun cream and here he is being his happy self!

Look at that smiley face?

Sustenance after a lot pf play!
Walked some more around the center to see a guy jump of a high crane! Bungee jumping is so sacry even if you are an spectator!!!
Found an  interesting statue too. Look at the Seagull! He wont get out of there. Sunbathing much?
And what Lego fan can resist to pose in this wall?

A busy day but we head home early. I am sorry that I only posted this now. I am a bit on a dark mood lately and I cant seem to drag myself to be as sunny as the weather today. I am on the mend i think. I hope. And I will go back and visit blogs as I usually do in the past. Hope you wont give up on me.