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High Street Christmas Decors

Lots of times I am so clueless on whats going on where I live. I usually just stay home as I am scared to go out and be like another crime suspect. I am in hiding. Its a surprise one day after school to see that our high street. Few steps away from my house has Christmas Decor already. It is a but simple and yet I love the lights. When you go and see it a bit darker its like cascading water at night sky.

See if you can spot my kid in there. Posing not with the Christmas decor but the signs in the lamp post actually =P

Here he is! With his cookies! Telling me that the CCTV camera is in operation in this area.

We went deeper into our high street and found the trees with Christmas / Fairy lights on. Again its better to view this of course at night.

The town's Christmas Tree. A bit bare during the afternoon but pretty at night.

And when we got too cold we went in the stores and well another photo op with a sign!

We are going to try to take photos of these decors during the night. But this is how it is in the afternoon during our school run. Dark enough for the lights to be turned on but not dark enough for us to see its real beauty (yet).


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Fireworks Night At The Beach

We are lucky to live where we live as the events are just outside our front door. Like the fireworks display at the Grand Pier here. An annual event which is attended by a lot of people here in Weston-Super-Mare.

Last year I told myself that we are going to start traditions for my young family. We have started a lot and this year is our chance to really cement these events as a tradition. Same time last year we attended this same event and I blogged about it here. So many things had happened and my son has grown into a little boy who can now speak.  I can only imagine the developments that I am going to write about next year that we attend this same event again. I am so looking forward to that!

Here are the photos that I took! Sorry if a lot are blurry! I am so lost with using the cams at night.


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Glimmer of Hope
Glimmer of Hope


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A (Super) Rainy Carnival Parade

I have missed this event. Not only am I wallowing during this times its also too cold for me and too wet. But son and his Dad went to watch the Carnival and this is what happened.


I am so sorry for the blurry photo. But it was really pouring so everything is hazy. Hats off to the event organizers and performers for being so professional and going ahead with the event even when the weather is not cooperative. I can only imagine how cold and damp it is and yet everyone still have their happy faces on while dancing on their respective floats!

Hats off to all of you!

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Owl Moment

Sadly I have to return this book! I am only allowed to have it for a week. So I took photos of the pages/ recipes that I love and said bye bye to them two funny ladies on the cover.

When we arrived at the Weston-Super-Mare library we were surprised to see that there is an event! They have and owls and face painting! For free! Theres also a table of food which is really cheap and everything looks cute and posh (sadly I werent able to get photos).

Everyone is SO accomodating and patient with my shy son. He chose an owl face painting of course. While Daddy is near the cake table.

After the face painting the guy who is holding one of the owl chatted with my son (still shy and not talking) and explained owly things. He also gave us a chance to take a photo of the cutest owl ever!

And we head out happy that we found some free events with nice people! And my son is so proud of his owl face!

Thanks to the local library! We should really come often. We used to go there every afternoon. We just got busy at the moment with school and stuff but we are going to visit more often now. To borrow some books and meet some more owls and other magical beings!


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Alphabet Photo – Y is for Yonder

We always go to the beach. We are lucky enough to live near one and every afternoon if we want to we can just go out and walk there. We also go to this place where there is an old and closed pier is at. Everytime I am there I can see albeit not clear the view yonder!

I always wonder what is in there. It is Cardiff my husband said. I wish we can go because I want to see what home is like from there.

I also always wonder if someone is looking back every time I am looking from where I am.

A Walk In A Park

The wind is starting to pound on us. Getting cold where we are and a jacket is now a must on our late walks (though surprisingly my son can still go without jacket in the last few days! Amazing I know.) I asked my husband and son if I can go and take photos of a park. Its been awhile since I used the camera and I missed using it. I told them that they can stay home if they want. They dont want to stay home of course and would want to go with me. While I am snapping away they are also snapping using the cellphone. When I am done with taking photographs of the park garden (which you can find here), I took photos of my boyz together.

My son of course requested me to photograph some signs. I gladly obliged.

Its a productive weekend for us!


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Noom Walk

Yes you read it right! Noom walk. This is not a sponsored post. But I am using this app thats helping me to lose weight and part of it is telling me how many steps I should do in a day. I notice that I wont cut it for this certain day so I took the cams and head out. I am trying to beat that 1000 steps!

My destination is Clarence Park. When I got there I am amazed of the colors. Autumn is really pretty if you ask me. Theres not lots of flowers. Just trees with changing leaves. But what really captured my eyes are this mass of tall grass with pretty wheat like parts. I am so scared that I will have allergy when I go near but the lure in getting some shots is greater. The details of this grass is really amazing! Also found a poppy with crumpled petals! Pretty too! I am so glad that

Did get the quota steps and some amazing photos too!


School Run With A Scarecrow

Being it a Friday, uniforms will be washed and my son had a rough week (because of me), I decided that a walk in the beach and not just the prom is needed to revive us both! It is starting to get cold now and yet walks in the prom and the beach is still berable with thick jackets.

When we arrive we notice a demolition works is in progress. Suddenly the beach is wider and I realized that they torn down the sandsculpture already! Some of the statues are still there. I dragged my son to go and explore the remaining sculptures and I got a 'But Mum it said Keep Out'.

I promised him that we would walk faraway from the pile of wood as they are a bit sharp and he happily walked with me to the beach while eating his snack. There are some mother child playing in there already. The sand is a bit hard but not impossible to break. We helped the demolition people!

It so much fun to walk in there! Like we are walking in ruins full of broken statues! We werent able to see this guys standing up as the entrance fee was a bit steep four our budget so we are making the most of what we can play with here.

This broken Lion is a nice bench to eat your snack!

The sunny weather made the walk in the beach more bearable too!

And after eating his snack my son decided that there are too much crows and the beach needs a scarecrow! Dont know if its effective though as there is one few meters away from here in that photo!

Last part of our school run is this fountain! I have never seen it with the water this clear and if not for the weather I would have let my son play in there. So we just threw a pence and made some wishes.

Really a lovely afternoon. Made me appreciate the place where we live. This is a bad week for us but everything seems better after this walk.


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