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Waiting Game

It was a bad week for us. The car just went bonkers and our plan to go somewhere last Friday was cancelled. Plus our budget is already tight as is it. We can only imagine how much money we need to have the car fix. And then there's Christmas. What do you do when you dont have any budget for it?

So come Saturday we planned a trip to Bristol to get something. Riding the bus is a first time for my son and he loved it a lot. The freedom from the car seat strap made him happy during the trip.

The shop where my my son's father need to go is small so we decided to just wait outside. Few meters away from a the shop is where the church ruins that we visited before. We walked and played with the leaves on the ground. We also collected some for a craft project. We put the biggest leaves that we can find in our bag.

We stayed in that same area. When my son's father took a bit longer we decided to venture further and I am so glad we did because its just pretty there.

At the back of the ruins are this cute sculptures. My son called the one at the end a blackberry.

And even further are grasslands that has so many interesting features like a band stand, graffitied walls, a fountain and a play area with so much sand and amazing wood play equipment.

It was a nice time. Something to cheer us up when our spirit are down and out. To make you forget about Christmas and all the other hassles of life and just feel the breeze on your face and feel the sun on your skin.

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Book Love

We went to collect a book from Waterstones in Bristol for my son. Traffic is SO SO bad. I think a lot of people are already doing their Christmas shopping so all of the parking in the area are full. We went round and round but was not lucky to get any space. We got off of the car to go to the bookstore while son's Dad ventured farther to look for parking.

Its so easy to collect the book. We stayed a bit inside the bookstore but my son want to read his book already so we went out to look for a bench for him to read his phonics. Luckily we found this park! We have been going in this area so many times and yet I didnt know this park is in here! Amazing how we can always discover new places everytime even if we have been here so many times already!

The park has (ruins)church called St. Peter. It is locked so we cant see the interior but looking at it from the outside it looks interesting! My son took his book out and he started reading it. After reading and asked if I can take photos of the park and he said yes but he wont let me the book safe in the bag!

He is just holding it and singing the lyrics of the phonics songs in there while walking around the park.

The Church bears the name of the Civilians and Personnel who died when there was an air raid in the area during 1940-1944. What an amazing history!

As it was raining before we head out we have a wellies with us. It did not rain. But theres a fountain to use the wellies!

Few meters away from where my son is playing is this!

An ice rink that we want to try but a bit pricey for our budget. When we got back in the car he asked for his new book right up and we read it out loud while singing the songs. Before we knew it we are at home. Time flies!

Video of that day created by my cellphone


I am so happy that my son is slowly loving books and reading. Before his love for books is limited to when the book has got traffic signs and/or cars in it.
But now he is interested in different books. And its a bonus that he can read them now by himself. This is something that I am so proud of. Seeing a child reading a book is an ordinary sight but looking at them deeper, this activity is pretty amazing. Something is happening to their brain, their mind. Books for me is a trigger for them to learn, understand and imagine just as it is to me before. And maybe cope. Books saved me before at a very young age. When my father is drunk at night I would curl up with a book. And I can escape from the room where there is someone shouting outside to a place where there are dragons and unicorns. And where beasts and villains never ever win.


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A Trip To The Seafront

I have been hiding inside the house since this happened . I remember promising that I am going to make the Annual Carnival Parade a family tradition but I really dont want to go out. I stayed home. Looking at my son thinking I owe it to him to see these beautiful floats as I promise him this. When my son heard the music from the parade he jumped for joy. He and his father went out to see it while I stayed home. When they left I went to the room and I remember just looking at a blank wall for the longest time. I was woken up with my son telling me stories about the floats that he saw.

Saturday came and my son is becoming restless. No choice but to go out. We went to the beach as I know that with this weather that it is going to be empty. Empty it is. And he run and played with the wet sand saying he is a digger! An awesome digger. I remember laughing at some point cuz when you are with your kid and theres sand theres something funny thats going to happen and you will laugh no matter how sad your are.

I am so glad that I went out with him. Did not erased things that had happened but felt happy even if its just for awhile. Moments with him as simple as walks like this is really magical. A child's innocence … is something that I wish I have now so that I can escape from all the bad things that adult life brings.


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Owl Moment

Sadly I have to return this book! I am only allowed to have it for a week. So I took photos of the pages/ recipes that I love and said bye bye to them two funny ladies on the cover.

When we arrived at the Weston-Super-Mare library we were surprised to see that there is an event! They have and owls and face painting! For free! Theres also a table of food which is really cheap and everything looks cute and posh (sadly I werent able to get photos).

Everyone is SO accomodating and patient with my shy son. He chose an owl face painting of course. While Daddy is near the cake table.

After the face painting the guy who is holding one of the owl chatted with my son (still shy and not talking) and explained owly things. He also gave us a chance to take a photo of the cutest owl ever!

And we head out happy that we found some free events with nice people! And my son is so proud of his owl face!

Thanks to the local library! We should really come often. We used to go there every afternoon. We just got busy at the moment with school and stuff but we are going to visit more often now. To borrow some books and meet some more owls and other magical beings!


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Soft Play Promise

Half term! FInally! A vacation that I cant get till my son started school. A really well deserved break.

And what better way to start it than to give my son his request! See we have been telling him that if he will eat in the school hall (he doesnt like eating lunch in school), attend his tennis lesson (he doesnt join in the class) and just be an all around good boy we can go to his fave place in the whole wide earth.

And he did try. Everyday. Before we go to school he would give me alibis to not eat in the hall but he will go and eat his lunch. Same as his tennis class! The coach is happy to announce that he is joining in the games now and not just seating in the bleachers. I am so proud that he is trying!

His fave place> Soft play area. So after his class off we go! And what a promising journey! We saw our first rainbow as a family!

Here he is playing. The soft play area is empty just us and 2-3 other kids! He is so happy everytime he is there and whats even better is that this is his prize for being so good and trying things that he doesn't fancy!

I love you Sebastian and thanks for being a good boy! You truly deserve this trip!


Our New Ikea Tradition

With our goal into making him comfortable eating in school hall, we again went to Ikea! To eat at their cafe which had the same set up as his school. This time the lines (he corrected me, its a queue Mummy!)are long and he waited long. But was still hapopy when they got their orders and paid for it.

I have to go and get us a table so I am not with them in the queue. I also took some condiments and some napkins, water and some (ok a lot) of pepper. Since it really took so much time for them to finish ordering I drew some doodles on the table napkin.

He was estatic when he saw that im drawing and was excited to try it too! We said he can after eating and he ate his mac and cheese. We are trying to order new dish every visit.

After his meal. He took the pen and drew! I requested for a flower and he drew me one! A flower with a happy heart face! Love it!

He then drew his fave subject. Traffic signs!

After drawing on so many papers we left and he is really happy and I think looking forward to our next visit there. This tradition for our Ikea eating! Yes I think so!


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Brandon Hill Park Playground

Not functioning well lately. I am always dizzy hence the lack of posts. I am stuck at home while husband and son go out in our high street just to see whats new. After taking some iron supplements I started feeling better and was able to go out with them in Bristol. We just went to the library to borrow some books for my son who is learning how to read and then proceeded to the park.

We always go here but we didnt know that you can access it from the near the library!

Theres even this tree with so many pears but we cant reach it. So we just went back to play. Next time if its still there we might bring a long stick! They looks so juicy believe me! And this is the first time that I have seen so many leaves. Really autumn now. We went to walk on them and its just so much fun to listen to the crunch of those brown leaves!

Afterwards we went to the Millenium Square as thats my son's fave place. I think he is wishing to play in the fountain but by the time we got there it started to get really cold. He wants to play with the water but we are not equipped. So he just bugged the statues there. He loves them and I think if he can bring one home he will.


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