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Worded or Wordless Wednesday Linky Party

I told myself that I will learn to take photos. I have been addicted to the cams for so long but I am using the automatic modes. I want to finally understand the 3 important things in Photography which is ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. I am also using the manual focus as automatic focus doesnt work well with macro shots.

Here is the sample of the one that I took.

Just edited it a bit in Picmonkey using the auto adjust and it just made it brighter. I know I shouldnt be using picmonkey but its habit! Just want to share as I am so proud of the [manual] focus.

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Glimmer of Hope
Glimmer of Hope


A Gloomy Afternoon Walk

I have been neglecting my camera so I told myself that I would go out and take photos. Sunday is a nice day to get some. So armed with my camera I with my minions (husband and son) went to the park to get some awesome photos. But the sky is not cooperating when we got there its really dark. I have struggled with the macro shots. The camera is opting for flash already as its really dark. Everything I took is either too blurry or too bright because of the flash. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. Always nice to go out in any condition to see what works and whats not!

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Autumn Blooms

We visited Brandon Hill Park Playground in Bristol. While husband and son is playing I was given few minutes to photograph and enjoy autumn and what it offers. Pure beauty! Amazingly there are still blooms that can be seen. In addition to the reds and browns and oranges of the leaves. There are still flowers with amazing colors.

Found this beauties clinging onto an electric post support wires and the post itself. Looks pretty!

This little guy stayed like this for the longest time. I think he wants me to think that he is part of the tree. A disguise!

My fave find is this bunch of flowers just popping out of the brown dry leaves! Amazing in real life and my photos doesnt do it much justice.

Also a fave is this tree. I must have gotten 50 or more photos! Going round and round.

I am so glad that we visited this place. I notice that I am staying home more and this is making me missed the changes in the environment. I am so glad to get an update onto whats happening outside. It is so pretty! A bit cold outside but pretty nonetheless.


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