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Children copies adults. My son use to always play with pots and pans before which is I suppose what he sees of me. He also love the Ikea ironing board cuz well I always iron.

Now that hes world is getting bigger and he is attending school, our afternoons after school are mostly spent of me being his student and him being a teacher. He now idolizes his teachers.

There's a bit of jealousy on my side but I know that this is normal.

Him copying his teacher also makes me see what is going on inside his class. From the show and tell to how they are learning. And to whom (classmates) he spent most of his school time with.

I just go along with the play. This is more informative for me on how his day was rather than me asking him how's his day in school and getting the 'i forgot' answer.

In addition to him being a teacher he is also doing other roles. The things that he sees around him inspires his play a lot. More reason for me to bring him out more to expose him to what people do. Which will eventually lead to him learning what he really wants when he is older.

It might be too early for that but in my head I can see so many possibilities on what he'll become and I am so excited of this! I am so excited to see him grow and learn.

I wish that my health wont fail me and I will be given a chance to see him grow up. For now though I will try to enjoy playing with him and being in this [imaginary] world that he created and is sharing with me. I am so honored to be invited in there cuz its a fun place to stay! Boundless world and boundless possibilities.

my word of the week is emulate.


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Parents Teacher Night

We went to my son's school to meet with his teacher. We sat in front of her with my son and my son is really shy. The teacher explained what is going on with him inside the classroom. It is nice to hear what my son had been doing. And we discussed about the thing that worries me the most which is his eating. I am really not sure on what I can divulge or not allowed to say in the blog but one thing is for sure there is some progress not just in eating but in every aspect of school. We need to work a lot on his handwriting as well.

This made me feel better as a parent of course. To know where to work at after school and to know where he is good at. I have always known my son but since he started school there is suddenly a gap to what I know now. This event has filled those holes!

We were able to look at photos of his activities too. So many funny things that he is doing and saying in the album that my husband would laugh out laugh a lot of times while turning the pages.

Suddenly I am excited of his schooling again. I am excited to hear another progress. I am excited to work on things that needs ironing out and I am just glad to be with my son inside the hall where he is scared of eating. After our meeting I talked to my son. He would tell me where he sits and what he does. And who he eats with. Hopefully talking about it in there would make him less scared of the hall in the next days.

This meeting gave me hope and some answers.

My word of the week is Progress.

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Its no secret that we are having a hard time adjusting to school. Proof of that is my son's report card saying he is doing poorly in personal, social and emotional development. I know how school is. It can be pretty harmless but to a child school can be daunting. And my son is young and small and I can only imagine how he sees a world where people are all bigger. My heart still breaks every time I leave him there and he still cries. And my heart leaps when when I pick him up he is the happiest. No I am not blaming his school. It is just really hard for some students to learn how to go with the flow. And my son is one of those who is having a hard time adjusting.

Sadly, school is a part of his life where I (or his Dad) can't be there. He needs to overcome this by himself.

I cant do anything but to let him eventually adjust to it.

Hoepfully soon.

What I can do is be there every after school day and assure him that every gruelling day outside I am there at the end. Ready to be with him, ready with a cuddle. A hug.

Ready to listen to him rant or rave about his day. Ready to laugh with him. Ready to cry with him. Be proud with him with those nice looking stickers on his cardi and be down when he doesn't like the food.

I am there to hold his hand on our walk and sometimes carry him when he is too tired.

And we will go home together.

Home where we can rest.

Home is my word of the week.


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My interaction with people is limited to small talks. I always stay 3 steps behind mothers in my son's new school. Mothers who are building connections, relationships, friendships. I always wanted to be in the shadows I dont know why. I am so scared of being friends with people. I dont know where this elusiveness originated but I just woke up one day hiding from relationships beyond my small family.


Investing so much to someone who might hurt you is scary.

There was this girl, a friend from before. She is also far from home like me. Alone in a hospital. With something serious. And my heart bled and I cried after finding out her story. I suddenly can relate on how lonely it can be when you are far from people you love.

She lost a finger and theres a chance to lose her legs. And to lose her.

I panicked.

Am I going to stay in my bubble or am i going to reach out. No matter how bad I thought I am as a person especially as a friend, I reached out to her sister and asked for updates and details. And contacted old friends and told them about her and how she needs prayers or wishes or hope.

I have lost so many people in the past four years while I am here in the UK. People that I werent able to say goodbye too when I flew here and people that I can no longer see if even I will be given a chance to go back. Because they are forever gone. Their faces popping up in my head as I write words here. I dont want her face to be there. I am not thinking she will die but I dont want to take that risk and not be given a chance to say Hi to her.

I think that I am willing to try to stripped myself of the armor that I am wearing. I think that I will chose to slowly welcome people again in my life. Becasue I just dont want to lose that chance to say Hi to people who matters most to me.


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My son will start whole day of shool next week. I will have extra time not only to clean the house and blog some more but also to go back to school. My school. I am a student as well. I cant even remember when I started but I am a student. Open learning student at KLC School of Design. I already submitted my first project and got my feedback and I need to go and start to Project 2.

I am very very excited to go back.  I am so bad in my first submittion. I know I can do better but I want it done and over with and just want to submit and finish. I was busy then and can study on a Saturday and Sunday. And I stay in the library and I feel like I am missing out on my son and my husband doing some trips somewhere.

Now, I am planning everything in my head. I will do Tuesdays and Thursdays as Interior Design day. Wednesdays and Fridays are for ironing and house cleaning. Monday for my son. Saturday and Sunday is our family day.

I am also back into buying a lot of magazines and is starting to buy school supplies again. It is always nice to buy supplies. Papers and pens and more papers. I am also doing some drafting works in the laptop.

I am so excited that I want to start it now but I cant yet. Its all in my head tho. The plans. The scheduling. The finished drawings.

I hope you dont mind if I write about this journey. Interior design is something that a lot of mothers are interested in and I am hope that though this course is a bit technical you are going to have this journey with me.

My word of the week is back to SCHOOL.

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This Week

It has been a struggle for me this week. I got my eyes tested last Saturday and my eye grade went up. From 3.50 to 4.50. I also have dry and red eyes and I cant wear contact lens. I got this from wearing my 2-weeks contact lens for 2 months haha. I didnt tell the optometrist tho. He just said to buy some drops. So with outdated glasses and no contact lens I hover through the week. Includes going camping and being a mother to my son for a week while everything is cloudy and blurry.

Without proper eyesight I am so dizzy too and cant do chores and well cant post and comment. Writing this my face is almost touching the monitor even if I have zoomed in too much.

My word of the week:

Cuz the world is really blurry.

As I said to my husband I am deteriorating here. I know that my eyesight will really go up but I cant buy contact lens because its expensive. Just the amount of the glasses is a pain in our budget ass. The glasses will be available Friday morning and I am so looking forward to seeing the world better again. I am so looking forward to being able to read blogs and comment. I also missed a skype session with my mother as I cant see well and I am so dizzy when we are about to.

Tomorrow. Will be a new day. Tomorrow I will look at things differently! I will stop at small things and big things and look closely and try to savor beauty of my surrounding. I cant wait to see better again.


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This Tiring Week

The bad effect of having a camping last week is that when Monday came chores are just too overwhelming.  Add tho that the chores that I brought home with me from the camping (smoked blankets, duvet and pillows,  and dirty dishes and camping stuff that needs to be cleaned before I store them).  Then add blogging, commenting, school run and the fact that I dont have my budget so I cant buy supplies. Yesterday son and I attended a school test run and we went there early. We are starting with no pram now so we didnt bring any. In the middle of our walk son wants to be carried or is walking in a snail pace. I carried him on my shoulder so that we can arrive in school on time. My son is only 4 but is half of me now. Heavy comes to mind. We arrive on time but I am wasted at 9am. After an hour we headed back home and I have to carry him halfway again. When we went back home I just to make himr eady for his normal pre-school sched. So even if we are slowly eliminating that pram I took it with me. We then walk back to school. I went back home and did chores. Went back to him and well when we got home I am a zombie. And yet I ironed a bit. Only a bit as my brain is not working anymore. I was planning on a bit of blogging and commenting but my mind shut down on me. I am sorry to the Linkys that I werent able to join and to the blogs that I werent able to comment on to. I am just really tired. Dead tired.

I still have few hours that I need to stay awake too even though my mind went to sleep mode already. So slowly I prepared dinner, fed the little one , cleaned him and we went to sleep at an early time of 8pm.

I am a bit okay now but I am still tired. But my mind is okay enough for a blog entry for today.
Today is going to be busy again. I am already tired and its just 8am!

Sorry to rant.


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Been nervous most of the week. This week we are to attend some event in my son's new school for September. The first one being a dinner. My son is an okay boy all over what this is the field that we havent perfected yet. Mealtimes. In the house mealtime is us parents asking him to please concentrate on eating instead of walking round and playing around the table. And this dark secret that I keep, I still spoon feed him cuz if not he would never eat by himself. We started with eating on the table and we do have progress but they are slow. I am wishing that before school start this September theres something different. That he can eat by himself or at least stay on his chair.

We then went back to school for another meeting and I am more relax as this one doesnt involve eating with a fork and knife. Just snacky things. They mafde the kids see their future classroom. I am so proud that he behaved well and got to play with new kids! We bought used uniform from the parents association. Believe me they are in good condition and they are cheaper than when you are buying new ones. My husband bought too much actually.

I think that other than the eating side, we are ready to tackle his foundation years!

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Word of the Week – Celebration

My son turned four yesterday, 19th! He went to school proud of his badge that we got him. We then went to the local gym cuz that's his birthday request, a swim with Daddy. We are also happy that for the first time in years we were able to get a photo of him swimming as there are not much people who are using the pool. We are allowed to get photos before but I dont want to alienate the other swimmers. Yesterday it is just my son and another girl. In a big pool so we can take photos without taking the photos of the other girl.

We then just eat out and went home with a massive chocolate cake from ASDA and he blew the candle (actually more like Daddy blew it for him).

I was out of the loop with the internet world the whole day and after the really really intimate birthday party I opened the blog to fins out that I am now Top 222 at Tots100! I great news. I was actually expecting to fall as I blogged less because of a tummy bug. I am thankful for that and I am celebrating, jumping for joy literally. Some things are still attainable for me. Again next rankings I might fall but for now I will savor this position =)

So much reason to celebrate! Celebration is my word of the week =)


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Word of the Week – Volunteer

I have started doing some volunteer works few weeks ago and I am in love with it.

I start with how much I miss travelling using the train. When I frist rode it to go to work I felt elated and happy. Independent even if my money to ride that train is from my husband. I also love the people and ambiance at work. No competition and the vibe is just easy and yet they are efficient. I am not saying this just to suck up, no. I am saying this because I have been in so many jobs where its not nice.

But I am having a problem with transportation. I can only volunteer 2 hours a week and I am always running in late in picking up my son from his pre-school. I tried working it out (with husband's help) by arranging some more time with his pre-school. What we did before when i took some course. But his school is full at the moment and cant take extra kid. And I dont have anyone here to ask for help. We are alone.

All in all I havent seen the volunteer works for 2 weeks cuz I cant work something out. I miss it. I miss being feeling a wee bit powerful & confident. And I am so sad because they might be letting me go now. Or worst I need to let them go.

Been thinking on how it could work out for the 2 weeks now so it is my wotw > VOLUNTEER.

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