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xmas party

you know how when youre a wife you have this responsibility to attend your husband’s xmas party and be pretty and dainty and stuff?

i want to but the thing is lately i feel really really really fugly… fat and ugly…. beat that!

and my skin is not reacting well to the weather… and i just started taking pills.. all in all im not in the mood to go out and be seen with my husband…

but do i have the heart to tell him that i dont want to go?

i dont want to go!

im scrooge!

i dont like xmas!!!!

can i just hide in our room till my body recovered from giving birth and this new weather and this new emotion????

can i????


my husband doesnt read my LJ

my xmas party

I planning on not attending the party cuz my friend at work [thea] left for the singapore to work and i dont have a close friend at the moment…

but i attended anyways cuz im not doing anything… im a floater! i am friends to everyone but not close to anyone…

to my new LJ freinds.. this is me.. in the middle .. in stripe green.. with big arms .. braces…

my apology for the big picture… my cs is not working…sorry sorry sorry!…

my braces sucks.. its new… still protruding… but its showing cuz im a bit happy in there.. after a few shot of wine..beer and baileys and stuff…

im a happy girl..yipppeeeee.. videoke rules!!!!