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2 gifts for Xmas

Its complicated to send gifts in my country.

So many red tape and bureaucracy. When Im home I have to pay big loads of money just to get my DHL package.

So sending my mother, sister a gift will be a chore to them. Not what I want them to feel this xmas. I can of course send money but I dont have any sadly.

photo 1
I won his from BodyShop and W&H magazine. I was thinking what a nice timing cuz I dont have gifts for my family yet. This would have been a good gift to them as my mother handwashes and my sister always bathes the dogs. So they need handcreams. Perfect right?

photo 2

But they are too far and sending this would have cost us more than the gift itself.

I have 2 other people who will be a good receiver tho. My mother and sister-in-law. I wrapped the gift and will give this to them not because they are my second choice to give the gifts to. but because i would just imagine… in my head.. when I gave them the gifts that they are my mother & sister. That instead of handing it to my in-laws I am handing it to the 2 people that I miss the most.. my mother & sister.

Am i bad for doing this?

But I need to do this in order to.. to be sane.

I terribly miss my mother & sister…. I am going crazy.

Thats how my brain copes.. I imagine things..

Merry CHRISTMAS nanay and Bagel. I miss you esp on Xmas. Can you also imagine that I gave this to you =P



I have a straight up and down type of body.  Athletic but im not sporty =P 
I have washboard chest =P

So heres my entry for the NEW LOOK Christmas PArty Blogger Competition!

Here are the things that I would wear in a Christmas Party (prolly Hubby's Office Xmas Party)

These Peplum dress is amazing for my body type as the side peplum would give shape in the hips area.  The peplum design would also get the attention away from my broad shoulder as the lookers would automatically go to the peplum.  Also the black sides hides unwanted bulges.

This tights would give an illusion of continuity as its the same color as the center of my dress.  Meaning it would make me look longer, taller than my actual short self.  Plus its 70 denier so it would keep me warmer in this freezing december weather.

This heels is good for me.  The platform would makes this heels easier to walk on than the normal non-platform heels.  The color matches the dress and the straps would not hinder with the continuity of the dress and tights.  I chose this simple design so as not to take the attention fr the peplum part of my dress.

I will add this jacket (that I already own =P) to make the look a bit edgy and not too girly.  Plus this jacket will help in the warm factor =)

I will use this as my bag cuz I just love it! I dont even need explanation >>> IT BAG!

false lashes
Planning on going simple on the lips but grand on the eyes! I have non existent lashes so these is a MUST!

This will add to the edgy look >> Smoky eyes is sexy ever!

So this is my entry to the comp.  GOODLUCK TO ME =)


i will spend my pre-xmas days & my xmas day doing some sideline CAD works and some 3D review.

i hope that people at home wont bug me.

i have an offer to work in KAZASCHTAN…. the problem is i cant even spell the name of that country.

but this ones a good deal. after every 3 months of working there… i can go home and have a week long rest. air fare will be paid by the employer! this works cuz i still have my braces. tho my wires will stay longer in my precious mouth…. at least i can still have it adjusted.. right????!!!!


plus i can get away from home and still go back when homesickness starts kicking in!

its a win-win situation.

its just that i am only paid like $1000. thats too cheap. i hope they will add some more and were in business!!!!!

i need to buy an anti-wrinkle cream for my forehead. i have this deep lines due to squinting too much since childhood. cuz i have a problem w/ my eyesight & i tend to squint to see things better and now…


i need an object of affection. thats my xmas wish.

can you pls give me one or suggest someone????

it is really a NO-NO to give boxers to a friend???? cuz alvin my bestfriend said that i should not give this to someone if i am not screwing him.

does boxers means i want to screw him????

hmmmmm…. in thats case ill give “him” a dozen boxers cuz i want to screw him 12XXXXX!!!!

yun lang!